Building My Fall Makeup Wardrobe: The Chanel Blurry Grey Quad



chanel blurry grey

Never mind that itís supposed to be in the 90s for the next few days and that I just sent a flurry of texts to set up a pool playdate for Connor this weekend; Iím in the mood for fall, especially fall makeupÖand fall boots, and fall sweaters, and all the cozy fall things. This year Iím trying something a different with my beauty strategy. Instead of having random fall makeup around willy-nilly, which is what I usually do, Iíd love to treat my fall makeup wardrobe similarly to how Iíve been handling the clothes in my closet ó so, in a nutshell, NO DEAD WEIGHT.

This fall is going to be different, she says, while shaking her raised fist at the sky!

I really want to build a wardrobe of fall makeup favorites with solid basics that I absolutely adore. I want each item to be purposeful and useful, but Iíd also love for everything to be beautiful, too, of course. Maybe Iíll even start a checklist (I loooooove checklists) so that Iíll, ya know, actually remember this again next year, ha ha ha.

Iím starting with this quad of grayish taupes by Chanel called Blurry Grey. Isnít she a beaut? I love the softness of the finishes because they arenít too flat or shy. I think the cooler tones will do nicely to carve out a crease or define a lash line. Imagine all the smokey eye possibilities, ooh-la-la! I can see this being a total workhorse piece, something one could use almost every day.

chanel blurry grey
Isnít she beautiful?

Right now Iím still in the brainstorming process of the fall makeup wardrobe checklist, but one thing I know for sure is that itís also really handy to have a great gel liner (WINGS!) and a rosy matte blush (to balance those red and berry lip colors) on standby. Iím definitely putting both Chanel Rose Ecrin blush and Hyperblack gel liner on my list.

chanel hyperblack rose ecrin blush
Hyperblack gel liner and Rose Ecrin Blush, two Chanel loves
chanel blurry grey rose ecrin swatches
Getting excited for fall

What do you think would be must-have items on a fall makeup checklist? I know for sure Iíd like to add a matte berry and a matte red lip color, and a demi-matte or a matte foundation. Oh, and a darker nail polish (maybe burgundy?), of course. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! ?


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