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With summer at its prime, there’s nothing more important for your skin than slathering on sunscreen.  As my mum once said, better take care of your skin now to look forever young. Sunscreen protects skin from damaging UV light and slows down the skin aging process. Even if you plan to stay indoors, UV light still penetrates through windows. Wearing sunscreen during the day is a must.  

There are loads of sun protection products in the market suitable for all skin types, from sunscreens and sun creams to sun gels and sun essences. I’m committed to applying sunscreen every morning, and have been happily using the same one for over a year, but it’s time to branch out and see what else is good. That pursuit led me to try NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen and THE PURE LOTUS’s Jeju Botanical Sun Cream and test how well they fare on my skin.

What it is:
A lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50 sun protection that contains 20 plant extracts to moisturize and soothe skin and control sebum production. It absorbs fast into skin without leaving a white cast.

My thoughts:
I was excited to try NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen based on all the five-star customer reviews. The sunscreen is an eye-catcher with its luminescent packaging. It gave off a clean, pleasant smell as I squeezed a generous dollop into my hands. Though the formula boasts an airy feel, its white texture wasn’t as feather-light as I thought it would be, but the sunscreen still glided smoothly onto my skin. Thankfully, the product didn’t leave a white cast or a dense, clogged feeling. It felt cool as I massaged it onto my skin and it absorbed quickly. My skin didn’t react negatively after using NEOGEN’s sunscreen for a week and I noticed that my complexion glowed.

What it is:
A sun cream with SPF 50+ PA++++ protection that also brightens skin and improves the appearance of wrinkles. It contains Jeju Botanical Complex that nourishes and protects skin from harmful external aggressors.

My thoughts:
I was drawn to the Jeju Botanical Sun Cream for its artsy and tranquil depiction of lotus flowers on the packaging. As its name suggests, the sun cream has a refreshing botanical scent. The lightweight formulation smoothly spread onto my skin, which made me apply more generously during the trial. Like NEOGEN’s sunscreen, the sun cream absorbed well and fast without a white cast finish. The creamy white texture didn’t feel thick or cloggy on skin at all. I barely felt like I had applied sunscreen. Though my skin looked refreshed, I can’t say much about its anti-aging effects as I’m not in that stage of my life yet.

Final Thoughts

Both sunscreens sat comfortably on my skin as they worked their magic. I honestly wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other if I had to. I have sensitive skin and I’m easily subject to breakouts, but both sunscreens worked well for my skin type and spread evenly across my face. The more moisturized the skin, the smoother the sunscreen application.

For anyone who avoids sunscreen because of the belief that it’s thick and cloggy on skin, NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen and THE PURE LOTUS’s Jeju Botanical Sun Cream will prove you wrong.

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