Truth be told, there are always so many products I “need” (air quotes, very loosely added), but at this current moment, my mission is to find some new cream shadows that rock my world.

This is my imperative. 🤭

As part of this very important mission, I went to Ulta yesterday, you know…to conduct recon, since the testers are available to swatch again.

Side note: this freaked me out a little because it’s been a long time, and while there’s no way I plan to apply any makeup from testers on my actual face any time soon, seeing how products move and look on skin really does help to get a feel for them, which is why I swatched a few colors that caught my eye.

I’m still deep in the research phase of the operation, but I have the Amber and Greige shades from the Smahsbox Always On Cream Shadow line on my list. They remind me a little of the old-school MAC Paints (RIP).

Along with cream shadow, I’m also looking for a moisturizing sunscreen (I figure I’ll need some heavy-duty face and body ones for the fall and winter), a lightweight hair oil and a dark burgundy nail polish with a cream finish.

Shh! Quiet. Don’t give away your location. We must be stealthy to have a good hunt. 🤫

What beauty products are you currently hunting?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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