Checking In: Big Hair, Ice Cream Conundrums and Cute Masks



k big hair august 2021
Turn up the volume!

Greetings from the land of big hair!

Question for you: after someone cuts your hair, are you ever able to recreate the same exact style that you had when you walked out of the salon? Mine never seems to look the same. Who knows if Iíll ever be able to recreate the í90s Cindy Crawford moment I had with Ariana right after she cut and styled my mane, but maybe if I practice a few times with my round brush and my T3, I can make it happen. I experimented on my hair with my curling iron yesterday, and so far Iím stoked about the big volume!

Oh! ó can we talk about ice cream for a minute? Itís been on my mind this week because youíre officially looking at the lady who holds the title of ďIce Cream Fridays VolunteerĒ at Connorís school. Yes, from now till June, Iíll be the person in charge of delivering the frozen treats for the weekly ice cream fundraisers at school.

About that, do you remember those little grocery store packaged ice cream sundae cups with the wooden spoon? When I was growing up, there were two options in our neck of the woods ó vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, and another one that was vanilla with strawberry sauce.

Iím curious to know if you disliked the strawberry ones, because I found out from the last yearís ice cream volunteer that the kids NEVER touch the strawberry sundaes. Apparently, they only eat the chocolate ones!

chocolate sundae cups

strawberry sundae cups

I donít remember disliking the strawberry sundaes, per se, but I do remember that if were given a choice, Iíd always take the chocolate option, and Iím guessing itís because vanilla and chocolate is a more predictable combination when youíre little? Or maybe kids see the strawberry sundaes and think it looks too weird? I totally can see the kindergarten version of me being grossed out by the strawberry sundaes because of the sauce looking too much like ketchup or fake movie blood. (Side note, I was kind of a weird kid!)

One last thing before I start my day: last fall I discovered these Caraa masks, and even though theyíre a little pricey, I still love them so much (theyíre incredibly comfortable!), so Iím going to get some new ones.

caraa mask review universal brights
These cheerful masks by Caraa are the most comfy ones Iíve found
caraa mask review filter pocket
The pocket for the filter, if youíd like to use one

coco caraa kids mask

Ours have generally held up well over the past year. That said, a couple have wires poking out now, and some have lost their little plastic toggles, so itís time for a refresh. Anywho, I was looking around their website today and noticed these cute ones with embroidered daisies. Arenít they adorable?

Yup, you know youíve lived through a pandemic when you think about things like the cuteness of your face mask.

Whatís going on with you? I hope youíre having a good week so far, my friend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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