5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately



1. Nike leopard shoes!

Raise your hand if you believe leopard is a neutral. ?

I’m with you, babe.

I bought these Nikes a while back during a Nordstrom sale, mostly for the leopard accents and the dainty little swoosh — although, really, I need to stop buying white shoes! They’re so hard to keep clean, but I just love how they look. They’re like the crisp, white button-up shirt of the tennis shoe universe. You can dress ’em up or down. They really do work with everything.

One might assume that all tennis shoes would inherently feel comfy, especially when compared to, like, 3-inch stilettos, but no! This pair happens to fall in the “never taking them off my feet, ever” category. They’re super soft and squishy like clouds!

2. “The Chair” on Netflix

I marathoned this show last weekend and didn’t know anything going into it, other than the fact that it stars Sandra Oh. Love her! Anyway, it’s good. The episodes fly by quickly, and it’s a really easy show to watch.

It’s a comedy about the faculty of an English department at a fictional Ivy League college, and Sandra Oh’s character, Ji-Yoon, is the newly appointed chair of the department (which is crumbling, BTW). The department’s losing students because it hasn’t evolved with the changing times, and Ji-Yoon struggles to keep things afloat after a series of unexpected events.

The writing is funny, touching and thoughtful. Several scenes made me think deeply about how people currently communicate online and in-person, and about how anything we do in public can be manipulated and distorted into soundbites and memes.

3. Vampire Weekend’s song “Oxford Comma”

On that note, on the last episode of “The Chair,” this song plays during the final credits.

How can you not love a tune that not only ponders punctuation but also shouts-out Lil’ Jon? Bonus: it’s catchy too.

4. A cute compact from Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is updating their packaging to make it more eco-friendly, and I really love what they did with their cream blush. The compact is now metal and recycle-able.

This is Rose Pink, and you can wear it on lips and cheeks.

5. LANIEGE Lip Sleeping Mask

I really didn’t want to give into the hype, but man, this lip balm is good. Allegedly, it’s for wearing overnight while you sleep, but I just use it whenever. I love how it hugs my lips but isn’t obnoxiously sticky.

It’s also super moisturizing. Imagine your favorite moisturizing balm but to the Nth degree!

It has some nice ingredients, too, including vitamin C and other antioxidants. I have the original Berry flavor, which subtly tastes and smells like strawberry, but there’s a bunch of other flavors if berry isn’t your thing.

I want to tell you, “Don’t do it, girl,” but I also want to say, “Girl, do it,” because everything else will pale in comparison to this after you try it. From this day forward, I will side-eye every other lip balm asserting similar claims.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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