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[unpaid/sample] There really isn’t a great deal of research on whether more natural ingredient led polish is better for your nails or not, but one thing to take into account is the inhalation risk. We all know that familiar smell (which for the record, I love) of a new manicure taking place so if you’re a regular nail painter (or work in the nail industry) then those fumes might matter (or they might not – they’re so fleeting, nobody is sure!). Certain ingredients can set off skin irritation around the nail but it’s never happened to me and it would be hard to pinpoint which one but either way, the less ‘offensive’ the ingredient, the less likely it’s going to happen and similarly, the less potential ‘harm’ you will inhale. However, do bear in mind that natural ingredients are chemically altered to fit the product. I know… everything is chemicals etc..

The search for more ‘natural’ ingredients for nail polish is a not a bad thing – remember when 3 Free was considered exciting? Now 9 Free is standard and I’ve even seen 21 Free (although what is left?!!). It’s big progress for varnish formulations that remained more or less unchanged for decades but ultimately, nails are made from keratin which is dead matter so unless the nail plates are being penetrated, it’s hard to see where the harm truly is in terms of your overall health.

OPI Nature Strong Collection

OPI’s Nature Strong emphasises the use of plant and mineral derived ingredients – sugar cane, wheat and corn for example, but it’s not uncommon for cotton and potato to be used too. These replace synthetics ingredients that would otherwise be used with ingredients derived from nature and in the case of OPI, each cosmetic ingredient has more than 50% natural origin. The polishes still, maybe surprisingly, have the trademark nail polish smell – it comes from solvent to make the nitrocellulose base which in turn keeps that polish on your nails and proof that nail polish can never be truly ‘natural’ whether ingredients are natural origin or not. We’d have to go back to the Ming Dynasty 3000BC (according to my nail expert friend, Sam Sweet) where acacia gum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax were used to colour nails but good luck with keeping that on in the bath. The only slight difference in texture I can tell is that I think the polish itself is slightly thinner than the regular OPIs.

OPI Nature Strong Collection

The first shade (and my favourite) is Eco Maniac, followed by Simply Radishing and Right As Rain.

OPI Nature Strong Collection

This is Spring Into Action, followed by A Great Fig World and Onyx Skies.

OPI Nature Strong Collection

Next up is Let Nature Take Its Quartz, then Knowledge Is Flower and Once And Floral (loving these names!).

OPI Nature Strong Collection

It’s All Heal Queen Mother Earth, followed by Cactus What You Preach and Make My Daisy.

OPI Nature Strong Collection

The final trio comprises A Bloom With A View, then Intentions Are Rose Gold and Nature Strong Top Coat. Nail Polish Direct has the full 30 shades for £9.95 each (20% off original price) HERE.



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