Oh, my gosh, this time of year on the hill? Tabs loved late summer here so much! The long days, the active squirrels collecting acorns and leaping from tree to tree, the noisy woodpeckers, the huge flocks of overstuffed turkeys, the breezy nights and afternoons that send leaves and dry grass dancing. It’s a super exciting time of year for a cat, and it thrilled him.

The wildlife has been more active than usual this year. My tabby would have loved it.

Some nights after he got home from work, El Hub would take Tabs out on the hill, and the two of them would explore every nook and cranny. Tabs would climb oak trees, chase lizards, stalk moles, and he even caught a bird or two WHILE ON HIS LEASH! Now that’s the dedication of a natural born birder.


Rosie has also found her groove lately. She knows what’s up about September. Just like Tabs, she gets totally fired up when it’s windy outside, which it is a lot here from now till November.

When everything around her is rustling and moving, all the leaves, grass and branches swaying, it really gets her kitty senses tingling.

I wonder if they could have hung out together, if they would have gotten along. I think about it a lot. Most of the time, I think they probably wouldn’t, because both of them are fairly standoffish around other cats. Tabs certainly was. He was very territorial.

But maybe their mutual love for September would have brought them together.

Maybe. I like to think so.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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