Do You Have a System for Tracking How Old Your Makeup Is and How Long You’ve Had It?



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Hi, my name is Karen, and I like to hold onto things for way too long.

Question for you ó do you have a system for tracking how old your makeup is and how long youíve had it?

Iíve had this brewing in my mind for the past couple days because I just bought a few new things last weekend from Sephora (more on this in a few!).

So, true confessions, but Iíve never strictly adhered to the expiration guidelines posted on makeup and beauty products, but I want try doing it for a bit. I tend to hang onto things for too long ó not just literally with makeup, but in various other aspects of my life as well ó and Iím ready to change that.

My hope is that if I actually use those expiration dates as a guide, maybe Iíll be motivated to finish the stuff I already have. (And it would also be an excuse to refresh my makeup bag more often!)

To this end, I started writing dates on eyeshadow palettes a while back.

Itís simple enough to do. I just write the year I added it to my collection on the item with a Sharpie, but now Iím thinking about also writing the expiration date directly on things so Iím continuously reminded (in cases when the date is only on the packaging). For instance, I got an Ilia liquid eye tint last weekend, and it has a six-month symbol on the bottom of the tube, which means that, if I go by the book, itíll be good until March 2022.

Now, I should characterize this endeavor as a test or an experiment, because Iím not sure how Iíll feel about it when the expiration date passes but I still donít want to discard something. Will the fact that Iíve written the date right on the item bother me? Time will tell. So this is just an experiment for now.

Also, the part of me that loves lists wants to start a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • Item name
  • Date purchased
  • Expiration date
  • Similar items currently in my stash

That way I can make sure Iím not just buying the same taupe eyeshadow or coral blush over and over, ya know?

Iím so ready to turn over a new leaf and try new things! ?

Iíd love to hear what your process is. Do you keep track of how old your makeup is and how long youíve had it? Iím very curious about this!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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