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If thereís one skin issue that I wish never existed, itíd be acne! The struggle is real: When thereís a zit on your face, sometimes you just canít help but pop it. Unfortunately, we all know that doing so causes more harm than good.

My skin is very picky when it comes to acne treatments, and it takes plenty of experimentation† to find the one that works. This time, I got my hands on the AC Clean Saver Cleansing Foam, AC Clean Saver Toner Pad and AC Clean Saver Spot Patch, which are all from Neuliiís AC Clean Saver line. I was super stoked to try them, especially after reading fellow editor Sarahís review on the collectionís toner, serum and cream! All of the AC Clean Saver products are packed with acne-fighting ingredients that address stubborn acne while preventing new ones from forming, all to help you achieve clearer skin.

Read on to find out whether the Neuliiís AC Clean Saver Cleansing Foam, AC Clean Saver Toner Pad and AC Clean Saver Spot Patch helped treat my troubled skin!

What it is:

Formulated with 5,000ppm of salicylic acid, this foam cleanser exfoliates skin and gets rid of excess sebum and gunk in pores. Infused with plant oils and beeswax, it provides a gentle cleanse without stripping skin of moisture.†

My take:

The AC Clean Saver Foam Cleanser does what it claims, and I love that it has no fragrance! I expected it to be a bit harsher than normal cleansers as it contains salicylic acid, but to my surprise, its bubbly foam texture felt very smooth on skin. It didnít strip my skin of moisture, and I noticed that my skin gained a radiant glow from within. After using the cleanser in tandem with the other two products from this collection, my skin felt much cleaner and healthier.

Since AC Clean Saver Foam Cleanser is rich in salicylic acid, itís a good cleanser to calm skin, open pores and prep skin for the next steps of your nighttime skin care routine. Iíd recommend buying other products from the AC Clean Saver line to use with this cleanser to gain the maximum skin care effects in the long term.

What it is:

The multifunctional toner pad is soaked in a potent blend of†salicylic acid, BHA and Asian herbs that purges pores of excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells, while retaining skinís moisture with butylene glycol. Each container has 60 sheets.

My take:

Neuliiís AC Clean Saver Toner Pads are probably my favorite AC Clean Saver product of the three! It earns my stamp of approval because my skin saw visible and significant improvements in just two weeks. Toner pads are one of the best and most convenient skin care products because they cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin with just a few swipes. Plus, they free you from the task of applying a toner with a separate cotton pad. I recently emptied my exfoliating clay mask, and Neuliiís AC Clean Saver Toner Pads came at just the right time when I needed a pore care product!

Every time I swiped this toner pad across my face after cleansing, I felt extra refreshed. It wasnít sticky and didnít leave my face dry. There was a tingling cooling sensation as the active ingredients absorbed gradually into my skin (a sign that the BHA is at work cleansing my skin.)

The toner pad delivered the hydration my skin needed. I also noticed that my skin looked less dull over time! This toner pad is suitable for people who have low tolerance for acids, as itís one of the gentlest exfoliators Iíve ever used.

What it is:

Each pimple patch contains soothing ingredients like tea tree leaf and purslane extracts to help banish blemishes and foster skin healing. A packet has ten sheets, with a total of 120 patches.

My take:

Whoever invented pimple patches is a genius because these acne treatments are a game changer! Some prefer using a spot patch under makeup but I love using it as a pre-bedtime acne antidote. AC Clean Saver Spot Patch didnít function as well as other pimple patches Iíve tried, as I didnít see much difference or improvement with my pimple overnight. However, I will continue to use it to shield unhealed scars or fresh pimples from bacteria. (Sticking a pimple patch on the troubled area provides an effective barrier†to prevent you from touching or picking at it.)

In terms of adherence, I rate this spot patch at three out of five stars. I turn my head a lot during sleep, and the patch was often gone the following morning. It also rubs off whenever I layer moisturizer on top. As for thickness, the patch is thin and not noticeable at all. Itís like second skin as the design is sheer enough to wear under makeup. Overall, AC Clean Saver Spot Patch isnít the best acne patch Iíve tried, but it works fine for those who want to cover blemishes and protect acne from secondary infection.

Final Verdict

All three products from the Neuliiís AC Clean Saver line provide overnight remedies for troubled skin, and the results speak for themselves! My two-week trial showed that the gentle approach works well when treating acne.

My favorite of the trio has to be the AC Clean Saver Toner Pad, as it performed better than I anticipated. Ever since I started using this pad, Iíve been religiously swiping it on my face two to three times a week.

The AC Clean Saver Foam Cleanser did a great job cleansing without stripping my skin of moisture. It also earns major points for leaving a post-wash matte texture and for helping to fade discolorations on my skin. Although the AC Clean Saver Spot Patch didnít meet my expectations, I appreciate its thin and sheer design that makes this spot patch perfect for wearing under a mask or makeup.

All three products I tried have no artificial fragrances, and the active ingredients were super gentle on my skin. My skin may not be in its worst condition right now, but I will continue using this trio to prevent future breakouts for clearer skin. If youíre seeking a remedy for troubled skin, Neuliiís AC Clean Saver series is worth a try!

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