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Tropical climates and the summer season tend to evoke holiday vibes as we relish in fun under the sun,  but scorching heat and high humidity are no fun for our skin. Hot and humid weather means skin produces more sweat and oil from pores. It becomes harder for sweat to evaporate as well. When combined with oil and gunk, this can result in greasy skin and breakouts.

So, what’s the best skin care for humid conditions? To keep skin fresh and happy, swap out heavy skin care products for lighter formulations and simplify your routine. Non-comedogenic, sebum-controlling and hydrating products are ideal to use in hot and humid weather.

Cleanse skin in the morning and night

Start your day on a clean and clear slate. Hot and humid weather causes pores to expand and accumulate dirt and impurities, so it’s important to cleanse the face both morning and night. Wake up and begin your skin care routine with COSRX’s Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser as it gently washes off any overnight excess sebum, prepping skin for a new day. Look for face washes with salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells and residue on skin and unclog pores. You can also exfoliate two to three times a week for extra pore-purifying treatment. Be careful not to strip skin of its natural oils when cleansing and exfoliating; one way to do that is by sticking to mild formulas.

Control oil production

As oil builds up and your skin becomes greasy in high humidity, reach for skin care products containing sebum-controlling ingredients. Charcoal, a holy grail ingredient in many face masks, gets rid of dead skin cells and tightens pores. Volcanic ash is another skin-clarifying option as it absorbs sebum and pollutants on skin. Other ingredients with similar effects include calamine, kaolin clay and tea tree oil, but tread carefully as products with these ingredients may have a drying effect on skin. For quick temporary relief, grab an oil-blotting sheet to dab off unwanted shine on your face.

Refrigerate products before use

When your skin feels congested, the last thing you want to do is slather products on your face. However, moisturizing is still a must. Try refrigerating skin care products before applying them for an icy cool treat, making your summer skin care routine all the more comfortable. For instance, store masks and facial massagers in the fridge before using them after a warm shower to soothe and refresh skin.  

Keep facial mists handy

Hot and humid conditions beckon many people to reach for facial mists that soothe and refresh skin. Perfect for a quick midday freshener, facial mists cool skin and quench its thirst. Most mists are formulated for specific skin care concerns, but they all hydrate and soothe skin, providing an instant pick-me-up anywhere, anytime. Formulas like the SKIN HOUSE’s Aloe Water Mist and KEEP COOL’s Soothe Bamboo Toner do the trick!   

Use deodorants

Spare yourself and those around you from body odor by using deodorant. As the body perspires more amid hot and humid conditions, more odor gets released from sweat glands. Deodorants come to the rescue by increasing skin’s acidity to minimize odor-causing bacteria and masking any unpleasant smell.


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