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This summer has been pretty tough on my skin. Being mask-clad practically every day over the last 18 months has culminated in a recent bout of maskne. On top of that, the extremely hot and humid weather in my city has contributed to an increase in small bumps and whiteheads around my forehead. Constant sweating likely caused my normally dry skin to overproduce sebum and oil, resulting in these latest skin issues.

Luckily, I know exactly what I need Ė something incredibly soothing, refreshing and hydrating to calm my stressed-out skin! I reached for W. Labís newly launched Acleaf Repair line to remedy my skin quickly.

At a glance:

All items in the Acleaf Repair line come in simple, fuss-free packaging in a white and duck egg green color palette, which gives the whole collection a calming and therapeutic feel. Specializing in restoring balance and hydration to skin, the line consists of soothing formulas enriched with heartleaf, centella, tea tree and green tea extracts. These ingredients are known for potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties as well as antioxidant and skin-repairing effects.

What is it? Formulated with EWG green-grade botanical extracts, this soothing water-based toner not only replenishes hydration in skin but also helps to speed up skinís recovery process to promote a calm and refreshed appearance. Ceramide and madecassoside further enhance the tonerís skin-repairing benefits, while a boost of antioxidants from heartleaf, centella, tea tree and green tea extracts help improve signs of aging.

In detail:

The toner comes in a clear and watery texture with an extremely mild scent. I could only detect the formulaís gentle herbal aroma when I sniffed hard. Its water-thin consistency feels like splashing fresh, cool water on skin, with added silkiness that leaves a hydrating, dewy finish. I incorporated the toner in both my morning and night skin care routines as a double toning step after cleansing and showering, which instantly cooled down my skin.

What is it? This intensive sleeping pack helps restore balance in skin and repair and nourish tired skin overnight. Itís infused with EWG green-grade plant extracts to alleviate redness, soothe sensitive skin and heal the skinís moisture barrier during the night.

In detail:

Similar to the toner, the Acleaf Repair Pack boasts a subtle scent, which reminded me of fresh tea leaves. Like wobbling jelly in a tub, its gelatinous texture comes with specks of dried leaves in a light tea-colored formula. I was worried that the sleeping pack might be thick and sticky, but the mask was surprisingly lightweight and refreshing on skin. Half a scoop of product was more than enough to cover my entire face and neck, leaving a spa-like dewy finish. The sleeping pack only took around a minute to fully dry, and it left my skin hydrated.

The Verdict

Before the trial, my skin was unbalanced and stressed, so I was pleasantly surprised at the quick and noticeable results after incorporating both products into my skin care routine. The maskne around my chin have dissipated, though scarring and hyperpigmentation persist.

I really like the Acleaf Repair Tonerís instant cooling sensation and refreshingly hydrating finish. Using it to double tone my skin after cleansing has helped calm down my skin irritations.

W.Lab recommends using the Acleaf Repair Pack two to three times a week, but during the trial, I replaced my evening moisturizer with this overnight mask and used it every single night. In the first week, I woke up to supple and soft skin. However, by the second week, I realized my makeup wasnít adhering as well as it should. No matter how nourishing the sleeping pack is, it canít replace a night cream entirely. In the third week, I alternated the sleeping pack with my regular night cream, which worked in achieving a better balance of skin care benefits from the products.

Overall, the toner and the sleeping pack from W.Labís Acleaf Repair range were a treat to use and they easily fit into my skin care routine. Every time I used the duo, it felt like my skin just drank a whole bottle of water! I recommend using them together to tame stressed and unbalanced skin during summertime as the texture and formula of both products are calming and refreshing.

As the toner and sleeping pack are rich in centella, tea tree, heartleaf and green tea extracts ? all holy grail ingredients for acne-prone skin ? they should work well for those with oily, combination and sensitive skin. However, they may not be moisturizing enough for those with really dry skin. This duo should also benefit those with dehydrated skin to repair and rebalance oil-water levels.

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