Saturday Surfing, September 18, 2021!

Good morning, sweet girl! Happy Caturday. đŸ˜º Guess what I’m doing today? Here’s a hint: it involves lots and lots of makeup brushes that need TLC, because I’ve been putting off washing my brushes for weeks.

OK, OK, it’s been a couple months. YIKES! I know.

What’s changed? Well, I’m starting a new job on Monday. Yup, I’ll be working as a copywriter with a local Bay Area beauty brand, and I anticipate Zoom meetings, so now I’ll have an excuse to apply some face paint on the regular.

I imagine I could probably hop on most calls without any makeup, but whenever I see myself bare faced on camera, especially in a professional setting, I don’t feel as put-together as I do when I’m wearing makeup.

Anyway, I’m excited, both to start something new and to have an excuse to actually wear makeup again! đŸ¤—

  • I’m going to try the trick where you put powder on curled lashes ASAP!
  • In case you need inspiration for your eye makeup this weekend…
  • If you’re shopping for your teen, here’s a list of makeup he or she might actually use (but heck, you might like some of it too).

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