Man! I cannot believe summer is over. What the!? And we didn’t even get many hot days this year. It’s weird out here in the Bay Area because we get some of our warmest weather in early fall, but still. I wanted more pool days by now.

Tabs would have done a big summer send-off this weekend with a full-scale kitty modeling show. He always liked to end the seasons with a huge event of some kind, and then follow it up with a party to ring in the next season. To him, everything was a good reason to celebrate his fabulousness.


Rosie loves fall just as much as she loves summer, so she’s perfectly fine with the seasons changing. She’s all about the science of seasons, and botany is one of her many interests, so it’s all just so fascinating that she looks forward to every season changing. She sees the wonder everywhere she looks in the natural world.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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