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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If youíve read this site for a while, youíll know one of my ride or die products is Bioeffect EGF Serum. Iíve tried lots of other things from the brand but nothing has ever matched up to the serum. I remember when this brand launched in the UK they were very clear that the serum was all youíd ever need and somewhat belatedly realised that was not a great strategy for launching other products. So, with a high bar and scepticism about EGF (not from me) new launches were always going to be a challenge.

BioEffect EGF Power Cream

Power Cream is the newest product in the EGF family Ė EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor which in Bioeffectís case is grown from barley and is a protein found already in skin. More of it is helpful for smooth texture, elasticity and firmness. The Power Cream is one of those products that instantly feels at home on your skin Ė itís got all the luxy feel of Creme de La Mer (so it should Ė itís only slightly less expensive) and gives skin an almost immediate look of vitality.

BioEffect EGF Power Cream

For the first time, the brand has included barley derived beta glucans (sugars compounds that are helpful in skin healing) as well as EGF. While mushroom extracts generally arenít new to skin care, Oridonin is rapidly growing in popularity as an ingredient, often used in Chinese herbal preparations, and alongside sodium hyaluronate (a kind of sister to HA), squalane and niacinamide, you can see it shapes up to be a very promising cream. Shea butter and evening primrose oil appear high on the INCI, however, so thatís something to bear in mind, but compared to acres of ingredients from many luxury creams, itís quite reserved at 23 leading me to think it has all it needs to do the job.

In use, I canít say itís anything other than gorgeous Ė cool, silky feeling and straight away smoothing on the complexion. Youíll see an improvement in glow in a couple of days but longer term use promises even tone, complete hydration and plumper, firmer skin which I can well believe. While I havenít long term tested Bioeffect EGF Power Cream, I do know EGF serum like the back of my hand and it has the same Ďinstant revivalí behaviour as that. I donít use the serum every day Ė itís more like my SOS product that just blossoms up your skin when you most need it. Power cream has the same effect so really, itís up to you whether youíd rather go the expensive route and use daily for longer term benefits or the moderate route and use when needed for immediate effect. You can find Power Cream HERE for £165 (ouch). Non-affiliate is HERE.

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