[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This is not a new product but I’ve been using CHANEL No.5 Deodorant for a couple of weeks and have really fallen for it. I’m like a squirrel with Chanel products – they’re always being ‘saved’ for best and then I find I haven’t used any of them so I’ve made a conscious effort to start enjoying the use rather than just the having. I’ve almost seen the back of my Chanel No.5 bath oil and now I’m working my way through the deodorant.

CHANEL No.5 Deodorant

If you like the scent of No.5 (which I do – I love it), then all the powdery familiarity comes flooding back in the same way as if you’d sprayed yourself with with EDT. It smells feminine, expensive and floral and I’m rather liking the trace that it leaves on my sweaters for the next time.

CHANEL No.5 Deodorant

You’d think that a deodorant would be a weak dilute of whatever it’s an accessory to but in this case, it’s not really. I find that about Chanel ancillary products in general – they’re expensive of course, but they’re always far more generous than you think they’re going to be. Ditto the Hair Fragrance which to be honest, is as generous as the EDT. But, I guess my point about saving things ‘for best’ is that perhaps it needs a rethink. My grandma used to keep what she thought of as special tea towels in a drawer ‘for best’ so everyone has their level – when she died we found them all with their labels still on, untouched. There’s a kind of comfort in just knowing that they’re there I suppose – symbols that people had thought of her (she always asked for tea towels!) that made them special enough that she sort of guarded them. I like to think it was her happy drawer but I’ll never really know.

CHANEL No.5 Deodorant

We’ve had bottles of wine and champagne that we saved long enough for them to be completely undrinkable when I think about it, so that was pointless. I happened to Google ‘beauty hoarding’ and honestly, it’s a thing. There’s even a Reddit group for make up hoarders. Wayne Goss did a video about four years ago about his hoarding habit and there are plenty of features to read on the subject. So, before I fall fully into the hoarding category, I’m making an effort to use up the things I have. I understand it’s a little different for me because I’m mostly not paying for the products but I still, I think, form attachments around some of them – notably Chanel. It turns out that using up some of the products is okay – I mean, I smell extra nice every morning (of jasmine, rose and powder) and will do so for at least a month and that has to be a good thing! So, I guess what I’m saying is don’t hold onto things for best – use them now because now IS the best and will be even better if you smell/look/feel great. If you just fancy an upgrade to a utilitarian product (which is a very 2021 thing to do), Chanel No.5 is £41 but I found it on Boots for £35 HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

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