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[unpaid/sample] Finally, Decorte has won me over. One of the things that made me slightly sceptical about their claim of being Japanís best selling skin care range was when I went to Tokyo three years ago, I didnít really see it anywhere (and I visited a lot of beauty shops). When it launched here in the UK, Kate Moss was briefly the face of the brand (itís now Brie Larson) which gave it visibility but still, I just didnít get it in the same way I get Shiseido or Suqqu for example. So, when these beautiful lipsticks arrived looking every inch a rival for the aforementioned, something clicked. Sometimes it just takes the right product for the brand to reveal itself.

Decorte Rouge Decorte Lipsticks

Honestly, theyíre delicious. Well pigmented (although not overly so), soft as butter on the lips and nicely hydrating, Decorte has found the perfect colour chart that incorporates a Japanese aesthetic while being wearable across the globe. Iím currently wearing a vibrant pink (matte) that Iíve topped with a little lip balm because the colour is so lovely. I will say about the matte formula is that you can feel the powder (as soon as I topped it with balm that feeling disappeared) but not in an uncomfortable way Ė just a textural one.


Decorte was founded in 1970 Ė itís part of the KOSE corporation (you might also know this for Jill Stuart, a highly elaborate make up brand, and from 2014 as owners of Tarte Cosmetics) which is a multi brand company brought to life in 1946.† So, there are 51 lipsticks across five different textures Ė Shine, Glow, Satin, Velvet and Matte of which Glow and Shine are clear winners for me. The formula contains both colour hold and moisture stay technology (and I have to say, these shade really do stay) and when I think about it, the colours do seem to stay true so you donít really see a diminishment until after quite some time.

Decorte Rouge Decorte Lipsticks

Other ingredients include murumuru butter, rose extract as well as jasmine, mallow and lemon extracts which I donít think Iíve found in lipstick before. The textures all have different shades but Signature Red runs across all five. The lipsticks have a slightly fruity floral fragrance Ė itís very mild and so much so that I didnít notice there was any scent until it was pointed out on the press release. You have to really give it a good sniff to get a drift of it which is fine by me.

Decorte Rouge Decorte Lipsticks

Shades from bottom to top are: Berry Glow (glow), Movin On (velvet), Morning Smile (satin), Timeless Modernity (velvet).

Decorte Rouge Decorte Lipsticks

Signature Red (satin), Blissful Moment (glow), Sunny Warmth (shine). As a bit of a fun fact, one of Decorteís first products was a pressed powder in a 20 carat gold case sold for Y116,000 Ė the equivalent today of £2,900! The Rouge Decorte is not on that level at £32 each but still a luxury buy HERE.

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