Product Spotlight: Ilia Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm in Runaway



ilia runaway
Seriously, one of the best ďthrow it on and goĒ lip colors!

If you have any plans to start your holiday shopping early, girlfriend, Iím going to support that 100%! Iím currently on a kick where I do things hella early, as in waaaay before theyíre due, and I flat-out love it (more on this in a few).

Going back to the holiday shoppingÖ May I suggest you start with this lovely little number from Ilia for your friends and fellow makeup lovers? I love it so much Iíve given it as a birthday present twice, and I already intend to put it in a Christmas stocking or two.

Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm in Runaway ($28) is a neutral rosy nude with a creamy finish and subtle shine. Itís more pigmented than most lip balms but less intense than a typical lipstick, and you know what? Itís absolutely fabulous and just so easy to wear. Iíve worn it in pretty much all of my work meetings over the last couple daysÖ Have there been four? Or was it five? Seriously, Iíve lost count.) I forgot that working with other people means a whole lotta meetings. Thankfully, this lip balm looks great on camera and in real life, and Iíve been wearing it a ton!

Itís lightweight yet moisturizing, so my lips feel good when Iím wearing it, and I also like the light vanilla flavor and scent. The whole vibe is very comfy, like stretchy pants, except forÖyour lips.

And the color? Now, this might sound gross, but for some reason I really like lip colors that are the same color as my gums! Weird, I know, but ďgummy pinksĒ light up my face. Itís very my-lips-but-better, and I suspect that this particular shade will work across a wide range of skin tones.

ilia runaway
Iím still an NC42 in MAC, by the way.

Fittingly, itís called a lip balm, which I think makes it sound a little less intimidating and more approachable than a full-on lipstick. Sure, itís less intense than something full-coverage like Stila Beso, but when all I want is a quick touchup, Iíll grab Runaway over Beso any day of the week because it requires less precision.

I purchased Runaway at Sephora because I wanted the option to return it, but next time I think Iíll go to the Ilia website instead. I heard they had a Black Friday Sale last year with 20% off everything. If they do that again, Iíll be there.

OK, so, back to doing stuff and showing up earlyÖitís my new favorite thing in the whole wide world! Lately, Iíve been showing up to appointments 15-20 minutes early ó from dropping Connor off at school, to going to meetings, to arriving to school-related events ó and my world is forever changed. Parking has been easier, Iím not stressed out about showing up late, and it just feels great being one of the first to arrive. I canít believe Iím saying this, but if Iím there early, Iím a happy camper! ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy first day of fall! ?


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