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Iím using Friday to tell you about my #10minuteclinic on Instagram. Over the years Iíve had access to the great and the good across fashion, beauty and lifestyle (and beyond) so Iím using that good luck and the many friendships and wonderful† acquaintances Iíve made to bring concise, accurate and expert information in ten minutes flat. We are all time poor and there is a LOT of rambling across social media, so Iím picking topics where we can all learn and digest something in literally ten minutes Ė I have a timer!

So far, my guests have been Lee Pycroft (HERE), trained in both make up artistry and psychotherapy, explaining how to boost your confidence when you feel it waning. Also, Lynnette Hecker of Lovelyís Vintage Emporium (HERE), former fashion editor and stylist, who specialises in vintage and explains how to start a vintage beauty collection. Ruby Hammer (HERE) gives us the low down on depuffing eyes with some great product recommendations and David Horne (former creative director of Illamasqua and founder of House of Glam Dolls (HERE)) who tells you everything you need to know about why mascara smudges Ė and of course, how you can solve it. So every Ďclinicí is designed to be properly useful and informative to teach something you probably didnít know (I am learning so much myself!). Coming up in the next few weeks is How To: Style A White Shirt, How To: Feel Confident In Red Lipstick, How To: Buy A Pre-Loved Designer Bag and How To: Find Your Body Confidence. Thatís just a few topics of the many I have scheduled. Itís not fancy or high production Ė just quick chats that are fun and informative with lovely people Iíve grown up with in the industry.

So, Iíd be very glad for you to join me @britbeautyblog HERE #10minuteclinic and of course, if you have topics youíd like to see covered, Iíd love to know them.

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