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To start off the new decade, I decided to try something a little more innovative that wouldn’t require dabbing more products directly onto my weak and sensitive skin – an at-home LED therapy mask.

Traditionally, Light Emitting Diode (LED) treatments have been exclusive services offered by aestheticians and dermatologists tailored to individual patients’ skin concerns. This kind of treatment requires continuous visits for a certain amount of time in order to see significant results. Now widely available at different price points, at-home LED masks allow users to have more freedom on when and where to incorporate LED treatments into their skin care routines.

Dear, Klairs’ line of beauty devices was introduced under the brand name eclair, and the LED Therapy Mask has since become one of their bestsellers. As this is my first ever LED mask, I have no prior experience to compare it with, but I’m excited to see if it’ll really improve my skin concerns.


The Fit

One of the selling points of the eclair LED Therapy Mask is that it remains super lightweight despite its large amount of LED lights – it feels significantly lighter than my iPhone. Supported by glasses arms and fitted with a silicone-coated nose bridge, the mask also sits comfortably on my face. There’s a window-like cutout for seeing and ventilation.

How I Use It

As advised by the pamphlet that came with the mask, I avoid putting on a lot of products before using the mask. After cleansing, my current evening routine consists of the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence that I use as a toner, a droplet of vegan skin booster as serum,  and 15 minutes of the LED Mask, followed by a sheet mask if my skin is extremely dry. Otherwise, I usually end my routine with the re:p. Nutrinature Ultra All-Night Moisture & Relief Mask, which I fell in love with after reviewing.


Red Light

What it does: The red light emits wavelengths at a range of 639 to 635nm, which invigorate collagen production to alleviate wrinkles and fine lines while also boosting the skin’s elasticity and promoting better blood circulation.

My thoughts: Out of the three available settings, the red light gives off the most warmth during use, but it’s far from being hot or uncomfortable. This is also the setting I used the most during the trial period. After approximately three weeks of consecutive use, my wrinkles are less prominent and my skin also seems to be holding in moisture better as I’ve had way fewer dry patches.


Orange Light

What it does: The orange light emits wavelengths at a range of 590 to 600nm to encourage cell turnover, brighten dull and uneven skin tone, and restore radiance and vitality to skin.

My thoughts: I haven’t used this light setting as much as the red one since pigmentation isn’t one of my major concerns at the moment.


Blue Light

What it does: The blue light emits wavelengths at a range of 465 to 470nm, which help kill acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation and improve sebum regulation.

My thoughts: I haven’t had many issues with acne recently, but I did use this setting when my skin was feeling sensitive. Overall, it felt soothing but I didn’t really use it continuously enough to see its full effect.

The Mobile App

Devices from this brand are compatible with a free app from eclair that is designed to help users monitor skin and find out what it needs on a daily basis. After exploring various features of the app, I realized there is only one that works with the LED Therapy Mask, and it functions solely as a diary to mark down which setting you used on different days of the week. I was a little disappointed with this app function, as you can only view your current week and nothing before or after. The app is mainly intended for the eclair Skin Device, which can check skin’s oil and moisture levels while doubling as a face mist (YesStyle, please stock it soon!).


The Verdict

Ideally, eclair recommends at least three weeks of continuous use for noticeable improvements. When I first started the trial, I was perplexed by the lack of information regarding how often to use the mask, as the instruction manual was pretty vague. I later found out from eclair’s website that the mask is intended to be used every other day, but I was already a few weeks into using it daily. I’m not sure what the potential cons of using it daily are, but I haven’t noticed any side effects. I reckon it’s probably the minimum frequency to achieving short-term results.

At first, I thought using the UV goggles with the mask was mandatory. This made me realize how little time I have to spare on a daily basis, so much so that spending 15 minutes of my evening not doing anything else made me feel anxious. I tried to squeeze in the 15-minute break for the LED mask by just lying down after showering, and was shocked at how often I fell asleep with it on. To prevent myself from dozing off, I started listening to a podcast or YouTube video while using it. The experience was therapeutic and really shed light on how busy our minds are every day.

So far, I’m pretty happy with the improvements the red light has produced in a mere three weeks. I’ve also started using the blue light when my face feels irritated. I believe only more will come of it if I continue using the LED Therapy Mask as a regular step in my skin care routine.

*For those who are pregnant, recovering from surgery, or are on a course of treatments/medications, it is recommended to consult a professional before trying the mask. For those who have sensitive eyes, please be sure to use the UV goggles that come with the mask.


As recommended by eclair, the LED Therapy Mask can be used in combination with different serums and ampoules to boost the skin care benefits:

For the red light setting, use the mask with Dear,Klairs’s Blue Youth Activating Drop, which is rich in peptides to nourish and restore elasticity in skin. This combination is perfect for boosting anti-aging effects!

Use Dear, Klairs’s Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, a sensitive skin-friendly serum that helps fade hyperpigmentation, with the mask’s orange light setting to ramp up skin-brightening effects.

If you have acne or oily skin, the refreshing yet soothing Fundamental Watery Oil Drop from Dear, Klairs is the perfect match to use with the blue light setting!

*This article was originally posted in January 8, 2020.

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