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Throughout the many Small Talk blog posts, the YesStylists have tried almost all the masks that the K-Beauty community has to offer – with the exception of nail masks! This time, the editors decided to cover Dr.wonder’s nail care offerings and road test its Holo Nail Mask and Nail Essence Pocket Pen for healthy nails and cuticles. Read on to see how the two nail products fared on them!

Zoe: Is it just me, or is it normal for fingers and cuticles to be dry and flaky this time of year? It’s not even autumn yet!

Michelle: I feel you! My cuticles are flaky all the time, lol. I can’t imagine what they’ll be like in winter.

Melanie: You’re not alone! I have to apply hand cream every hour, especially after sanitizing and washing my hands.

Sarah: Tbh I don’t struggle with dry hands but it’s def important to nourish them after all the hand-washing and sanitizing we’re doing lately!

Zoe: I know right! Since we’ve frequently covered face masks and other skin care for Small Talk, I thought it’d be fun to see what nail care can do!

Zoe: How did everyone find the Holo Nail Mask?

Melanie: I’ve never tried a nail mask before and the packaging of this one is really Instagrammable.

Sarah: Yes, it was so cute, omg. ❤️ I loved the holographic design ~ definitely the most glam-looking mask I’ve ever used!

Michelle: I know! I love shiny things so it was instant .

Zoe: Same here, it was the shiny design that got me. To my surprise the fit was pretty good too! I was worried it would be too tight or loose.

Sarah: I thought it was slightly loose, but that’s probably to ensure it’s easy to slip on!

Melanie: I thought mine were a bit loose too, but I appreciated that you could tear them off individually for each finger!

Sarah: Yeah, I also liked that! I was worried initially that movement would be impaired.

Michelle: Haha, surprisingly I could get a lot done with the nail mask on, except typing (I tried and it didn’t work).

Melanie: Same here! I couldn’t really type or swipe on my phone with the nail mask on.

Sarah: Omg, YES I was won over by the touch screen design − prob my favorite part. I thought it worked decently well since I managed to use both my phone and my laptop while using the nail mask.

Zoe: I tried scrolling on IG while wearing it − it worked, tho it took a bit of effort to type on my phone.

Sarah: I had to type slowly and the masks were a bit too big to reach some spots on my phone. Holo Nail Mask is perfect for those who find it hard to stop being productive.

Melanie: Yea, I tried but it slips off every time I swiped. I blame the essence inside the nail mask!

Michelle: True, my fingers were sliding around a lot inside the mask! I kept having to shove them deeper inside.

Zoe: Oh yeah! I was quite surprised the essence was thick and creamy!

Sarah: I was also surprised when I took the mask off and saw the white cream on my fingers! The packaging says to leave the essence on to absorb, but I had to wipe it off coz it was too messy.

Michelle: Same, I found it a bit greasy so I wiped it all off… Felt like a waste of good essence though.

Zoe: I just rubbed the excess all around my fingers. I love that it didn’t leave any icky after-feel like the ones from sheet masks!

Melanie: Yea, I totally agree with Sarah I’m not a fan of the gooey texture… I also wiped the essence all over my hands like it was hand cream.

Zoe: Maybe it’s because I have really dry skin and hands, but I didn’t find it gooey at all! It was more like a soft finish for me. The ingredients are nourishing, so maybe that’s why.

Michelle: Yea, I think there’s shea butter in it.

Sarah: There are tons of great ingredients for moisture and proteins to boost nail health ~ like snail secretion filtrate, panthenol, collagen and vitamins.

Melanie: I guess the snail mucus filtrate explains the gooey texture!

Zoe: It also has keratin to repair damaged proteins! I’ve only ever seen keratin in shampoos and hair treatments, so this is pretty new to me ~

Melanie: Zoe, were your fingers less flaky after using them? Thanks to all those ingredients, my nails look super shiny and glossy.

Zoe: Omg yes, it smoothed all my flaky cuticles. I went to the bathroom not long after the mask sesh and had to wash my hand and my fingers, so they were dry again. I should’ve used the nail mask before going to bed!

Michelle: I did mine before bed and I found the effects pretty instantaneous − I haven’t seen my nails this shiny for a long time!

Melanie: I def think this nail mask is a nighttime routine thing.

Zoe: There was still a lot of essence left inside the masks, so I took the liberty of using them on my toes as well, lol.

Michelle: I wished I’d thought of that! My toes are in an equally bad state.

Melanie: Oh, I haven’t tried them on my toes yet. Maybe I will since I still have one more pack! I don’t think I can walk if I put them on my toes.

Zoe: Yes, I recommend it! I walked fine in them but my bf thought they look like monster claws. The fit was a bit tight on the big toes for me, but the rest were fine.

Melanie: Haha, I’ll try it out tonight.

Sarah: The gooey essence made my fingers feel a little suffocated and pruney in the mask tbh. I guess I didn’t need the extra nourishment since I don’t have dry hands or nails.

Zoe: Sarah omg, how long did you leave them on for?

Sarah: I didn’t time it but I don’t think it was too long… Maybe 20 minutes?

Michelle: My hands aren’t that dry normally but my nails are kinda destroyed after five years of non-stop gel nail action, so it was more of a rescue mission for me.

Sarah: Sarah: Also I love the smell of the mask − super light and pleasant.

Zoe: The scent was nice and calming!

Melanie: Michelle, just out of curiosity, did the nail mask destroy your nail polish because I used it on bare nails!

Michelle: Haha, I didn’t have nail polish on when I used it! I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s better to do it on bare nails.

Zoe: I had hard gel nail polish on so I couldn’t see the effects on my actual nails ~ but I can say that the mask doesn’t affect the nail polish

Michelle: Ah, that’s good to know! I’ve been using the Nail Essence Pocket Pen all the time as well together with the nail mask, so the duo has been a real savior for my nails and cuticles! How did you guys find the pocket pen?

Sarah:I love how convenient it is! It looks almost like a green highlighter and you can carry it around and use it anytime easily.

Melanie: It reminded me of my highlighter pen collection.

Michelle: I know! I actually have it in my bag today!

Zoe: Omg, I absolutely love the pocket nail essence! I keep it in my bag and use it every day as well.

Sarah: The brush is easy to use and the lightweight essence dries quickly! It’s super fuss-free.

Michelle: I was afraid the essence wouldn’t come out quickly enough, but I’m glad I was wrong! Love the design.

Zoe: Zoe: I’ve noticed improvements on my dry cuticles after using it every day. Also the subtle floral scent is calming.

Melanie: Same here!! I also find it satisfying applying it on my nails ngl.

Sarah: Yes Zoe, the scent smells super natural and organic ~ I guess it’s due to all the botanical oils! There’s sunflower, camellia, macadamia, olive, evening primrose, almond, apricot, jojoba and more

Melanie: I find it funny that you can use it not only for your nails but under your eyes and even your ankles!

Michelle: Oh wait… I can?

Zoe: Yeah, I just read that from Dr.wonder’s website too!

Melanie: That’s what it said in the instructions. Have you guys tried it elsewhere besides your nails? You can apply it anywhere on skin that’s dry.

Zoe: I haven’t, but I gather it might have a similar experience to using facial oils, except it’s with a brush this time.

Sarah: Oh wait, I had no idea! That’s a huge game changer!

Sarah: There are areas the Holo Mask can’t reach, like the webbing between your fingers − guess I can use the pocket pen for that then!

Zoe: I was shocked that despite using it every day, I still have half of the pen left! Now that I know I can use the Nail Essence Pocket Pen on other areas of my skin, it’ll defo be used up quicker.

Michelle: A little def goes a long way though with this product! I find just a few drops are needed for my nails to be super nourished.

Zoe: The Nail Essence Pocket Pen is a clear winner.

Melanie: YAS! I’ll repurchase the pen when I’m done ~ it’s a multifunctional product you can use on-the-go. I hope I’ll achieve my #handgoals like Sarah did with consistent use.

Sarah: Personally, I was more impressed with the Holo Nail Mask because I love its sparkly packaging and innovative design that allowed me to multitask to my heart’s content It’s something fun to do with friends as well!

Michelle: The essence pen just about edges out the mask for me! It’s super convenient plus there’s just something so satisfying about swiping the essence on with the pen! I wish Dr.wonder packaged in different colors though, so it looks like my highlighter pen collection!

Zoe: Though I like the Holo Nail Mask, I’m curious to try Dr.wonder’s other masks – like the Nail Paraffin Hot Spa.

Michelle:That looks super intense, but I can’t wait to try, haha!

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