mac fashion legacy winged liner coycoy
With my co-pilots!

I tried to take this picture by myself, but my sidekick and her sidekick (his name is Teddy, by the way, and he goes on all the adventures these days!) wanted in on the action.

Creative mascara placement

I realized a couple of makeup related things yesterday. Beauty epiphanies, so to speak. First of all, let’s talk mascara. Specifically, mascara placement!

I read somewhere that applying mascara just to the outer half of your upper lashes — and leaving the inner half completely bare — makes your eyes appear more lifted, because the thicker lashes draw all the attention to the outer corner. I tried it yesterday, and lo and behold, it totally works!

It’s a small tweak, and probably more obvious to people who love makeup, but I definitely see a difference.

It’s such an automatic habit for me to coat every single lash with mascara, though, so I don’t know how long I’ll keep it up, but I do like the effect. Try it! And then let me know if you see a difference.

A makeup uniform

I’ve decided to also try something new this week — a makeup uniform. I’m wearing a similar eye and cheek every day — blackish-brown winged liner, mascara on the outer half of the upper lashes and a wash of warm blush — with a different bold lipstick each day of the week. Yesterday was a warm bright red, MAC Fashion Legacy.

mac fashion legacy winged liner coycoy
Seatbelt, but make it fashion

I really need to simply my mornings, and I think wearing a different lip with the same eye and cheek will provide me with some flexibility, while still giving me structure. I might be bored by Wednesday, but eh, I’ll try it anyway. If it works, maybe next week I’ll wear the same lipstick, and swap out different shades of bright winged linger.

Jones Road Beauty?

One last thing. I’m contemplating a few things from Bobbi Brown’s new-ish minimalist makeup line, Jones Road Beauty. Have you tried anything yet? I’m interested in the eyeliner (it won an Allure Best of Beauty Award), the Miracle Balm (although I’m not quite sure what it is exactly… A foundation? A blush? A bronzer?) and the Lip and Cheek Stick. If you’ve found anything good, please be sure to drop a comment for me below.

Have a good Tuesday, and talk to you soon.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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