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It’s important to take good care of your body, mind and soul. Self-care enhances your overall spiritual, emotional and physical health and well-being.

On the latest episode of Yes Whut, Zoe is joined by fellow YesStylist Michelle to discuss their recent adventures in self-care and de-stressing, from sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls to beginner-friendly floral arrangement. They even slipped in a quick massage during lunch break! 

Tune in to find out whether these wellness experiences helped them achieve a state of zen.

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Essentials for a DIY Sound Bath Meditation

Slow down, take a deep breath and relax! Create your own immersive at-home sound bath meditation with these simple tools.

tuban – Yoga Mat Carrying Bag, Nickitta – Plain Foldable Yoga Mat Organizer, Homy Bazaar – Yoga Block, Nickitta – Yoga Block, Nyhouse – Plain Bath Towel / Face Towel / Set, Intimo – Sleeping Eye Mask, Sylphlike Loli – Plain Sweatpants, MUMUTO – Water Bottle

Floral Arrangement Essentials

Besides beautifying your surroundings with decorative plants and blooms, flower arranging promotes sensory stimulation and provides an outlet to release stress.

Porcini – Stainless Steel Scissors, miss house – Metallic Ceramic Vase, SunShine – Glass Vase / Iron Hanging Stand

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Indulge in a massage sesh in the comfort of your own home! Try these innovative massage tools and body oils, which boost blood circulation, nourish the body and relieve tension in  muscles.

daymellow – Massage Healer, makeON – Magnetight Body Roller, Bueno – Paris Queen Huile Carrot Body Oil, AROMATICA – Circulating Body Oil Juniper Berry & Ginger

Don’t miss out on our latest beauty launches featuring CAOLION, ALIVE:LAB, BLESSED MOON and FORENCOS.

CAOLION – Relipy Relaxing Cream, ALIVE:LAB – Avocado V Balancing Balm, BLESSED MOON’s Black Hole Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner, FORENCOS’ Moringa Deep Cleansing Oil


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