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A name is the sweetest sound and most powerful proof of identity to each person. Believing in each woman’s many facets of unique beauty, K-Beauty brand NAMING prides itself on being free of boundaries and fostering individual expression via its wide range of makeup. The brand is particularly known for its incredibly thorough lip collection which covers lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip tints. Intrigued, I was determined to find the lippy that suits me best. Scroll down to see if I succeed, and see if you can find yours!

Lip Balms

The Sheer Tinted Lip Balm, available in Dayz (a natural beige-pink) and Knock (a burgundy red), did not disappoint. Spreading it onto lips with my finger, I found its lightweight texture blended in easily without a sticky sensation. I’m also glad that its sheen isn’t as shiny as I thought it would be. The translucent Upper Glow Multi Balm can be used on the lips and the rest of the face for a glossy look. It’s infused with green tea extract, jasmine water and apple leaf extract to give skin moisture. Upon application on my lips, cupid’s bow, cheekbones and brow bones, the jelly texture melted seamlessly into the skin. Although it leaves a slightly sticky feeling, the formula is buildable depending on the level of shine you want for your look.

Melting Glow Lipstick

(Swatches: Murky, Muted Plum, Fluffy Coral, Front Me, Rosy Rosy, Crushed, Dusky, Your Red)

The Melting Glow Lipstick is available in ten shades. I prefer to lightly dab the lipstick on the center of my lips and blend out the color with my fingers as a finishing touch to my usual no-makeup makeup look. Right after application, it gave the impression that it’d be no different from the Sheer Tinted Lip Balm. However, as time passed, the sheer formula dried to a semi-matte finish with a subtle sheen. The more layers I applied, the plumper my lips looked! Furthermore, with its vibrant color payoff, I was able to create different looks with just one lipstick: I’d apply two to four coats of lipstick to create a bold look. For an ombre look, I’d apply a lighter shade on the middle of my lips and balance it out with a darker shade on the edges, lightly blending with my fingers.

Soft Matt Lipstick

(Swatches: Meet Me, Smoky Brick, Fallin’, Meaningless, Base It)

If you want to forego shine for a soft matte lip, the Soft Matt Lipstick should be your go-to. Among the ten available shades, my favorite is Smoky Brick, a brownish-red that reminds me of the iconic 90s look from Rachel of Friends. The airy, powdery formula can be layered to build up color intensity. For a natural look, I simply dabbed some product on the center of my lips and blended out with my fingers. After wearing a mask for approximately six hours, my lips were still coated in a sufficient layer of the matte lipstick.

Lip Tints and Lip Glosses

NAMING has two lip tints. A more toned-down version of a lip gloss, the Dewy Glow Lip Tint provides a subtle hint of color and a glossy sheen. The dual-sided applicator has a silicone tip that offers precision, while the flocking tip ensures a smooth application. The lightweight, watery consistency goes on the lips easily. It also has a refreshing fragrance! A few minutes after application, I noticed that my lips weren’t left with a sticky sensation, nor did the lip tint dry into a flaky mess. Although its color isn’t as vivid as the other products I tried, the Dewy Glow Lip Tint is perfect for days when you just want a radiant glow. It’s available in seven beautiful shades, and my personal favorite is Dare, a muted pumpkin brown hue!

For a lightweight, velvety matte finish, look no further than the Soft Touch Lip Tint. When I first saw it, I was somewhat intimidated by the four available shades, which are all incredibly vibrant and pigmented. Moreover, due to my chronically dry lips, I was skeptical of how the matte formula would look on my lips. Luckily, the Soft Touch Lip Tint has a lightweight oil base that prevents skin from cracking and pigments from clumping. Using the same dual-sided applicator as the Dewy Glow Lip Tint, I used the soft flocking tip to carefully apply a proper amount. Then, using the silicone tip, I evenly spread the product across my lips. Immediately, the creamy formula melted into a powdery finish. After ten minutes, pigment clumps started to form. Unsatisfied with the result, I took off the coat with micellar water, applied a thick coat of lip balm, and put on the lip tint again. This time, my lips didn’t show signs of flaking until an hour later.

Finally, it was time to get my hands on the Shine Lip Gloss. The Shine Lip Gloss comes in two universal shades – Not-Pink and Not-Red. Not-Pink is a clear gloss, while Not-Red has a subtle red tint. Unlike the previous lip tints, the applicator is made entirely from silicone to enable a smooth application. The lip gloss did leave a slightly sticky finish, which wasn’t too surprising. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the results. The glassy texture created an illusion of plump lips and the sticky sensation subsided over time. It’s best to only use a small amount on the lips, as a little goes a long way!

Final Verdict

NAMING’s lip collection has it all. Keeping with its philosophy, it offers a plethora of choices, from matte and semi-matte to subtle and full-on gloss, enabling a wide range of lip makeup looks that embody individual styles. These products can also be used together! My latest go-to look includes a thin coat of Soft Matte Lipstick in Smoky Brick, followed by a dab of Shine Lip Gloss in Not-Red for that subtle shine. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with NAMING’s lip products in my everyday life to capture my style!

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