A Hair “Uniform,” Answering a Foundation Question and a Friendly Reminder About This Hot Pink Lipstick



makeup uniform hair uniform candy yum yum
Hello, hair uniform.

Good morning, friend! How are you today? ? Iím actually a little less frazzled than I was yesterday because of this glorious thing I stumbled onto called ďa makeup uniformĒ (we talked about it the other day).

Which leads me toÖ

A hair uniform

In that post, I think I forgot to mention that, along with the makeup uniform, Iíve also been doing a hair uniform. To go with the bold lips and winged liner this week, Iíve been doing a simple low ponytail with a smooth side swoop. I think the structure of the hair works well with the makeup, and ó bonus! ó I can whip it out in less than five minutes.

makeup uniform hair uniform candy yum yum

An awesome sheer base combo

In the comments, Angie recently asked what foundation Iíve been wearing lately with the makeup uniform. Side note ó hey, Angie! Iíve been wearing CeraVeís mineral tinted moisturizer all over my face with a little Estťe Lauder 24H concealer under my eyes and around my mouth. I set both with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Medium Golden.

I feel like my skin looks even-toned and polished with this particular mix of products, but I donít feel like Iím wearing heavy base makeup. ?

Ilia dreams

Iím trying to finish up the bottle of CeraVe so I can finally buy the Ilia Skin Tint. When that haul happens (and it will happen!), I also plan to get another Ilia Eye Tint. Iím thinking Dim, the grayish lavender, or mossy green Hatch. Or both! ?

One last thing! ó just in case you havenít taken MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick out for a spin lately (itís the hot pink Iím wearing in these pics), this is your friendly reminder that she needs some love.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. For your ears today:


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