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Brand Description

A refillable monochromatic eyeshadow trio in three essential finishes—so when you reach for your signature shade, you’ve got options!

The three buildable finishes—matte, satin, and metallic—offer a range of intensity and can be used alone or together for monochromatic dimension

Matte is a rich, smooth, and versatile option; satin has a soft, delicate sheen; and metallic has a hint of sparkle for a dreamy, shimmery effect

Shades Include:

  • Clay is a rich terracotta
  • Bluff is a pale, peachy pink

  • Heather is a neutral rose

  • Mist is a cool lilac

  • Jute is a soft taupe

  • Almond  is a rosy brown

  • Prairie  is a rich olive

  • Rosin  is a golden yellow

  • Mesa is a warm orange

  • Teak is a warm chocolate brown


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