MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia



[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Iím just guessing that the title to this collection with Spanish singer, Rosalia, that itís the result of many hours of agent and contract wrangling. Nonetheless, itís a collection that appeals across the globe Ė Rosalia has been a Spanish star for several years (despite being a youngster at 26) with her popularity rising in other countries by the day. Sheís very much a MAC choice Ė individual, fierce and dymanic.

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

Thereís no doubt that this is a visually stunning collection Ė part of me wonders if itís been held back because of the pandemic Ė it feels strange that we have Ruby Woo (red), Rosalia (red) and Christmas (red) in quick succession. Iíve told you all I know personally about Rosalia Ė oh, and thatís she sings in Spanish and is from Barcelona Ė because I hardly ever listen to music so think Iíve missed the boat on this one. Interestingly, there are five nail polishes in the Rosalia collection and MAC doesnít break out the varnish for just anyone.

MAC x Rosalia

Nails are very much a part of Rosaliaís style Ė that strip of jewels that you see in the top picture is a set of nail gems. Theyíre utterly lovely (but will probably end up on my phone case!) and if you have the nails for them are a beautiful accessory. Theyíre £14 each HERE and would be my top recommend from the collection (particularly the neutrals Ė the shade you see here is Cayena).

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

Thereís a palette, a highlighter quad and five lip products as well as the nail polishes. Iíll start with the bad news Ė itís one of the least workable MAC palettes Iíve ever used. I just couldnít get decent swatches from it all although it is in the metallic/neutral colour scheme that Rosalia uses. The metallic pressed powders were so difficult to apply easily and there just wasnít enough pigment in the neutral shades (bar one) to get anything more than a powdery nuance.

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

I used a Bobbi eye brush for this (same stable) and this is my second attempt. I donít know what to say about it really other than good luck. Itís £35 HERE.

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

On the other hand, the Face Palette swatched like a dream! Gorgeous, buttery soft textures that are smooth as silk on the skin and give you all the glow you could want. I love the coral-brick shade that you can use as a super glowy blush and although I feel this could work on most tones, it does run to warm. Itís £40 HERE.†

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

See what I mean? Pretty as anything.

MAC x Aute Cuture Starring Rosalia

The lip selection is strong! The Retro Matte Lipstick is called Red Chile, £17.50 HERE and is one of five shades, while the Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick is Spicy Pimento and is £19.50 HERE. There are three other shades.

These are SO blazingly red and it looks like Spicy Pimenton might well be sold out. I like all of this collection bar the palette and Iím scratching my head about it Ė I think these very soft metallic almost-creme-powders just donít work terribly well. Theyíre better if you flat press them gently to your lids with your fingers but they do not like to get on a brush. Thereís not the same accuracy with finger pressing and there will be drop. Your non-affiliate link is HERE.

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