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Anti-aging productsplay a significant role in many peopleís skin care regimen. With the advancement of technology and scientific discoveries, researchers are identifying new ingredients to use in skin care to help people attain younger-looking skin. Stem cells are now the new trending anti-aging ingredient touted to help people look younger. The concept of stem cells, whether theyíre from plant- or human-derived sources, is intriguing to many. Iím not going to lie: I was a bit horrified at the thought of applying stem cells on my face.

XOUL is a K-Beauty skin care brand that offers innovative beauty products. Itís known for incorporating the anti-aging powerhouse ingredient of human stem cells into formulas that have the ability to rejuvenate, repair and nourish for younger-looking skin. Apart from being intrigued by this skin care ingredient, I was also drawn to the brandís minimal, elegant and pretty packaging. I trialed XOULís Layered Cream, Secret Solution Cream Masks and† Ever Moist Lip Balm to see how this trendy ingredient fares on my skin.†

Read on to check out whether itís worth getting your hands on these anti-aging human stem cell-infused products.

What it is: Infused with a high concentration of human stem cell culture solution and 17 types of amino acids, this cream provides anti-aging properties and delivers moisture to skin. The Layered Cream also contains seven types of hyaluronic acid for additional hydrating effects while the pH 5.5 formula balances skin.

My take:† XOULís Layered Cream is available in normal and travel-sized versions, and the packaging of both items is very user-friendly! The normal-sized versionis designed with a pump tube applicator to release a precise amount of face cream, while the travel-sized version looks similar to a lip balm. In terms of texture, the Layered Cream comes in a slightly thick creamy texture, just like a body lotion, that doesnít feel too tacky. You can tell from its consistency that this cream can seal in all the moisture. Thanks to its rich blend of 17 amino acids and hyaluronic acid, the product delivers serious hydration. After applying it on my face, I noticed that it stayed on my skin for quite a while before being gradually absorbed into my skin. Once the cream dried, my skin felt supple to the touch. Although the product claims to have a refreshing freesia scent, it was so subtle that I couldnít smell it. With the cooler season approaching, I feel like this Layered Cream will be an ideal face cream for combating dryness and maintaining hydration in skin.†

What it is: This sheet mask, drenched in essence with a creamy texture, is designed to replenish skinís moisture levels and revitalize skin for a glowy finish. Formulated with human stem cell culture solution, Dawnergy peptide and centella asiatica extract, the mask soothes and strengthens the skin barrier. Each set contains five sheet masks.

My take: Iíve never been a fan of creamy sheet masks because I find the thick gooey texture too heavy for my skin. Thatís why I was initially reluctant about applying this mask on my face.† I was worried that it would take a long time for the essence to absorb into my skin, and that Iíd break out the next morning. Fortunately, XOULís Secret Solution Cream Mask proved me wrong as the maskís essence wasnít as thick as I expected. Although the essenceís moisture stayed for a while on my skin and didnít absorb right away, the mask left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The sheet mask wasnít form-fitting on my face, but it adhered and sat nicely on my skin throughout the 20-minute pampering experience. Though I found XOULís sheet mask to be a bit slimier than the usual sheet masks I use, it didnít cause any irritation or redness on my skin. I was also happy to wake up to soft, smooth and velvety skin the next day! Most importantly, there werenít any pimples or tiny bumps on my skin. Iíll definitely finish the rest of the masks in this pack!†

What it is: This lip balm is formulated with human stem cell structure solution to deliver nourishment and moisture to lips, while anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract and various oils including hydrogenated jojoba oil and olive oil nourish and soften skin. On top of its moisturizing properties, the lip balm is infused with spearmint leaf oil that lends the product a mint scent.†

My take: I have dry lips and Iím always teased about this by my friends Ė they say my lips look like the bonito flakes on takoyaki! My lips are also very picky; only a few lip balms work to soften the flaky skin. Iím down to try out different lip balms in preparation for the colder, drier seasons, and I was hoping that XOULís Ever Moist Lip Balm would help me achieve supple lips.

As usual with lip balms, I had to apply more than one layer of Ever Moist Lip Balm. The texture wasnít as buttery smooth as I expected, but it glided seamlessly on my lips after my third application. Iím satisfied with the results as I woke up to moisturized lips the next morning! The more lip balm I applied, the more the refreshing menthol scent caught my attention ? it made me lip my licks more frequently. True to its claims, this product left my lips shiny and glossy. I recommend applying a generous amount before going to bed to let the ingredients sink in overnight. For daytime, I suggest using it before lipstick for a smooth and even application afterwards.

The mini compact design makes this lip balm perfect to pop into your bag. I now apply it whenever my lips feel dry. If youíve been battling stubbornly chapped lips like I have, then youíve got to try XOULís lip balm!

Final Verdict

Thanks to these products from XOUL, I got to cross an ingredient off my skin care bucket list while trying out one of the most talked about Korean beauty brands! So did XOULís human stem cell-infused products deliver on the promises of more youthful-looking skin? To be honest, I havenít seen any noticeable difference on my skin. Though the products didnít wow me, I believe it will take more time and regular use to see visible effects in the long term when it comes to anti-aging products.

My favorites of the trio are the Secret Solution Cream Mask and the Ever Moist Lip Balm as they were effective in hydrating my face and flaky lips, respectively. If youíre intrigued by this new skin care ingredient and stoked to try it out, give these human stem cell-infused products a go!

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