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Brand Description

Introducing Bijouxette Étendu!  Enter a world of untold riches and opulent splendour this season with our newest and most sumptuous Étendu yet – Bijouxette! Inspired by the now archived Pro palette Bijoux Royale, our new Bijouxette Étendu is a treasure trove of baroque baubles.

This sumptuously rich collection of multifaceted gems will sparkle with joy and refract light on even the darkest winter’s night! In universally flattering hues based on nature’s finest jewels, our Bijouxette Étendu allows you to sparkle like a sapphire, glisten in gold, revel in ruby, and adorn yourself in amethyst!

Our iridescent and duochromatic shimmers can be diffused into a soft candlelight glow  and buffed into the lashline as a liner, or use a damp brush for a more striking pigmented finish. Our proprietary formula of shimmers, metallics, satins, and mattes are comfortable to wear, effortless to apply, and highly pigmented, giving you sensational, controllable color payoff. These shadows are designed to give you full control. Bijouxette Étendu brings the carefree sensuousness of the ’20s with our delightfully playful and effortlessly chic treasure chest of the richest jeweled hues to shake your tailfeather in!


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