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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Well, this is a surprise! Who knew lingerie brand La Perla had dipped a carefully manicured toe into make up? And very beautiful it is too.

La Perla Make Up

Just when you think every which way has been seen in lipstick, along come these clicky lid, fluted casings that have a cool-in-the-hand tactile element as well as being lovely to gaze at. I like the cardboard outer tubes they come in as well Ė the stickers that keep them together are a little too sticky and need careful attention when taking off if you want to keep the tubes pristine.

La Perla Make Up

There are two formulas for the lipsticks Ė matte and balm. The shades I have are Venetian Red in matte (which I have renamed as Bloody Hell Red because it is SOOOOO red!) and Petal Lips in the balm formula. There are two balms, Petal Lips and Bitten Lips (which is more of a red and Iíll try this next time) and eight mattes, all around the theme of red. Itís a proper colour menu too Ė Tangelo Red, Cherry Red and Plum Red as well as nude tones.

La Perla Make Up

The matte bullets are embellished with a beautiful flower design Ė the balms are not and I imagine itís because the softer formula canít support that. I wrote a couple of weeks back that intricately embellished make up is a trend thatís definitely incoming so we can see an example of that here.

La Perla Make Up

Pretty, no? Itís an extra level of detail that you might expect from a luxury lipstick (these are expensive). Theyíre a little bit highly perfumed for my personal taste Ė itís a kind of vanilla Ė but it hasnít stopped me wearing the balm version all weekend. Better yet, they are all refillable so the case is a one-off purchase.

La Perla Make Up

While I canít even begin with the liquid liner (not in my skill set!), the Volumising Mascara is something else entirely. Not only is it available in brown, violet (yes!) and bright blue, but itís a stayer too with a curved-to-fit brush that delivers precisely the right amount. If you are a competent liner, itís available in deep red, blue, black and brown. A Sculpting Brow Gel completes the eye offering.

La Perla Make Up

So here we are Bloody Hell (Venetian) Red (that is one swipe) and Petal Lips. Gorgeous both. Price wise, lipsticks are £47 each (balms are £45) with refills at £28. The Mascara is £42, Eyeliner is £31 and Brow Gel is £32. You can find everything HERE . The lingerie is on the same site if youíre in the mood to spoil yourself Ė I have a La Perla slip top and itís one of my favourite things in the world to sleep in in the summer.

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