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Advocating a simple yet vibrant vision of beauty, K-Beauty brand FEEV uses naturally derived bioactive ingredients such as betulin to deliver soft, supple skin thatís the perfect canvas for makeup. With products ranging from skin-strengthening night creams to nourishing tinted serums, FEEV promises various effects without causing irritation. Using only essential ingredients that are specially curated for their potency, its products are known to be gentle on skin while delivering long-term benefits rather than a mere blast of hydration.

Right from the get-go, the brandís sleek, minimalist packaging grabbed my attention. Itís FEEVís commitment to simplicity, however, that had me sold. Iíve always struggled with elaborate skin care routines, so the chance to focus on a few holy grail products was enticing. It was with high hopes that I tried out the brandís Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream and Hyper-Clarifying Night Mask, both of which promise to strengthen sensitive skin while shrinking pores. I also sampled the intriguingly named Hyper-Fit Color Serum, a hybrid product that improves skin condition while functioning as a blush.

Will integrating these products into my beauty routine give me the plumped-up skin and rosy glow Iím after, or at the very least boost my skin health so itís less prone to irritations? Read on for all the details.

The product: One of FEEVís bestselling skin care products, this barrier cream is formulated with naturally derived betulin, a substance that gives birch trees a distinctive chalky white appearance. Not only is this cult beauty ingredient chock-full of antioxidants to reduce signs of aging, itís also a must-have for soothing skin. Additional ingredient of ceramide hydrates and fortifies skin thatís prone to irritations. Like other barrier creams in the market, FEEVís version is primed to strengthen the skin barrier to keep out external aggressors while sealing in moisture.

Key ingredients: Betulin, squalane, panthenol, ceramide NP, madecassoside, centella asiatica extract, collagen extract

My thoughts: Itís not an exaggeration to say that itís instant love between me and this moisturizer! Iím always on the hunt for rich, creamy moisturizers that wonít clog pores, and this one fits the bill precisely. Ideal for nighttime use, it delivered the long-lasting hydration I craved. Pitched perfectly between the thickness of winter moisturizers like Pyunkang Yulís Moisture Cream and the soufflť-soft consistency of richer daytime creams like Iím fromís Rice Cream, FEEVís Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream absorbed swiftly into my skin, leaving no sticky residue.

Shortly after application, I noticed subtle shifts in my skin that became gradually more pronounced. My skin became visibly plumper, suppler and healthier-looking, despite my frequent habit of skipping toner and serum in my daily skin care routine, which means the Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream must be doing the heavy lifting. Iím unsure about its ability to strengthen the skin barrier long-term, but given my skinís newfound clarity, Iím optimistic about this prospect.

While this is a highly efficacious nighttime moisturizer, itís not a miracle product. Problems do remain with my skin, including dark spots and a few stubborn pimples. The cream is uber-comfortable and hydrating though, which means Iíll probably keep reaching for it again and again.

The product: Anchored by cult beauty ingredient succinic acid, this night mask buffs away dead skin cells and unclogs pores to reveal a smoother, brighter and blemish-free complexion. It also aims to soothe and hydrate skin with a mix of hyaluronic acid, betaine and green tea extract. Although suitable for any skin type, this night mask is especially effective on combination skin prone to breakouts.

Key ingredients: Succinic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, tea tree leaf extract, green tea extract, madecassoside, betaine

My thoughts: At the last step in my nighttime skin care routine (after cleansing oil, hydrating facial cleanser and toner), I applied an almond-sized amount of product onto my face. Unfortunately, I experienced itchiness and a slight tingly sensation a couple of minutes into the ritual, possibly due to the succinic acid, which has a similar role to salicylic acid in skin care. It faded eventually though, and with every subsequent application, the tingling lessened significantly.

While patches of hyperpigmentation still remained after two weeks of sporadic usage, this night mask boosted my overall skin health in subtle ways, e.g. smoothing skin texture, improving skin tone and tamping down redness. A solid performer delivering gradual rather than miraculous results, itís worth keeping in my vanity as a more potent alternative to hydrating sheet masks.

The product: Essentially a liquid blush with skin care benefits, this color serum comes in an uber-watery texture and is infused with betulin for extra nourishment. Great for giving cheeks a pop of color, it aligns with the brandís philosophy of natural-looking but impactful makeup looks.

The product: The product comes in four shades: My Besties (orange coral), Meaning Out (rose coral), Pit-A-Pat (pink) and After Squat (bright red). Believing that red would suit my skin tone better, I chose After Squat for my trial.

Key ingredients: Betulin, chlorella vulgaris extract, glycerin

My thoughts: As I was squirting out the product, I had a moment of doubt as the shade seemed much brighter than I expected. However, it blended out nicely over my makeup base to produce a very natural-looking flush. In fact, I would have appreciated the Hyper-Fit Color Serum more had it given my cheeks a more highly-concentrated pop of color! On the plus side, given how sheer the formula is, thereís no way youíll end up with too much product on your cheeks, a common occurrence with liquid blushes.

I find it gimmicky that the product is called a ďserumĒ when itís first and foremost a blush. Other than that, I appreciate its lightweight, easily buildable texture and hydrating formula. If Iím going for a full-on makeup look, a creamier product providing a more vivid and long-lasting finish might be called for. But since Iím still wearing face masks regularly, my makeup look is usually minimalistic. As a result, the Hyper-Fit Color Serum fits my needs to a tee.

The Final Verdict:

Out of FEEVís three bestsellers, I am most taken with the Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream, which combines a hydrating and nutrient-packed formula with a gentle touch. Although it falls short of holy grail material (as a few dark spots, fine lines and pimples remain on my skin), my perennially irritated skin is visibly revived after use. Needless to say, this cream is now part of my current rotation of skin care products.

The Hyper-Clarifying Night Mask boasts active ingredient succinic acid for gentle exfoliation, and delivers largely on this promise. Given the slight discomfort I experienced upon initial application as well as the modest rather than dramatic results, Iíll probably use this mask occasionally rather than religiously.

As for the liquid blush, I love how it gives my cheeks a natural-looking flush while keeping dryness at bay, but I prefer a more pigmented color.

All in all, the solid performance of FEEVís products means I now have my eyes on two other related products from this brand: the Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner and Hyper-Intensive Conditioning Serum, both of which belong to the Repair line. Iím also hoping that eventually FEEV will launch an eye cream that I can incorporate into my skin care routine.

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