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The brighter the better

If you ever have absolutely NOTHING to wear, makeup-wise, all I have to say is, “When in doubt, bold lip it out!” Seriously, dude. Bold lips are going to save us all. Or rather…a bold lip has been saving me lately! 😁 When you literally have only 10 minutes to do your makeup, that one bright statement piece will do most (if not all) of your makeup heavy lifting.

Now I’m starting to question all of my years of wearing neutral lips here, there and everywhere. Have I just been looking like an undead zombie this whole time?

Wait a second — you don’t need to answer that. LOL!

By the way, the bright berry I’m wearing is very creatively called “MAC Make It Fashun.”

mac make it fashun side

I have a very (not-so-pressing) question for you: what are your thoughts on perfume that smells like soup? Good? Gross? Crazy genius?

See, yesterday I was eating these soup dumplings they have at Trader Joe’s, and they’re like savory mini meatballs enclosed in a sealed wonton envelope.

Inside each sealed dumpling envelope is a mini meatball in a savory broth, and sometimes when you bite into one, the broth will accidentally squirt out. 😬

Sometimes it ends up on the table. Other times, which happened to me yesterday, it ends up on your pants and the sleeve of your shirt.

I didn’t have time to change right afterward because I had to jump on a call, and you couldn’t really see the broth on my clothes anyway, so I was like, “Eh, I’m just gonna lean into it,” and I smelled like eau de soup for the rest of the day.

Right after the call, I went to go pick up Connor from school, and when she hugged me she said I smelled really good!

Of course, this got me thinking as to whether a soup fragrance could actually be appealing. 🤔 I understand that food fragrances are huge and have been for a while now, but they tend toward sweet scents, a la cupcakes and frosting. That said, I feel like there might be people out there who would actually like a savory food perfume. Maybe?

Side note, my friend Cindy once dated a boy very briefly but ended up breaking up with him because she said he smelled exactly like vegetable soup!

lancome la vie est belle idole
This was the actual real perfume I was wearing the other day, Lancôme Idole. The soup was an additional fragrance layer, ha!

I almost forgot to mention that I’m wearing a couple of things from the Ipsy box in this makeup look — the Visart Petite Pro Un Palette and the Il Makiage Icon Mascara. The palette is so teeny-tiny and fits in the palm of your hand! I like the purple tones in it and the coolness of the matte browns, but the mascara is just OK. I like the length and lift but could use more volume at the roots, which, apparently, is the story of my life.

One last thing before I jet — here’s what I’ve been watching on Netflix lately: “Maid” (I finished the series, although I fast-forwarded through the middle episodes), “Midnight Mass” (SO SLOW) and the latest season of “The Great British Baking Show” (now I want to make a cake!).

How about you? What have you been watching? Inquiring minds want to know. 😃

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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