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As promised, hereís my most updated guide to limited edition holiday releases available at SephoraSephora. For a more comprehensive guide, check out my favorites at Sephora, the permanent edition.

SephoraSephora kicked off a bonus points event on October 14th. From October 14th through October 24th, Rouges will get 4X points, VIBs will get 3X points, and Insiders will get 2X points on all purchases with code YAYPOINTS. Plus, we have the Sephora Holiday Savings Event to look forward to in November.

For a broader range of my all-time favorite formulas and products (which were updated this month!): Best Blushes, Best Highlighters,†Best Eyeshadows, Best Eyeshadow Palettes, Best Lipsticks, Best Lipglosses, Best Eye Brushes, Best Face Brushes.

Pro-shopping tip: both brands and retailers compete heavily between now and the beginning of December. Your best bet is shopping a brand directly, as they typically have 20% to 30% off (sometimes even better, especially if you are after more than a few products). While not yet populated with deals for the year (most are under embargo!), you can check out our Black Friday Beauty Deals 2021 post to get an idea of what to expect from brands and retailers based on last yearís sales. You can also check out our always-updated makeup sales & deals post for available sales at any given time (bookmark, as it updates daily!).

The list is surprisingly sparse for mid-October, but this year has felt like 1) less new, limited edition product releases, and 2) the ones that have launched have released later than usual. Iím typically mostly done with holiday launches by early November (and thatís because Iím catching up!). I have some new-for-holiday palettes that Iíll be reviewing in the next few weeks, so Iíll come back to this post to update it in full should any of those do well! ?

Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Mega MTHRSHP Eyeshadow PalettePat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Mega MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette ($78.00 for 0.684 oz.) is a… Read full review.



Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership Eyeshadow PalettePat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership Eyeshadow Palette ($125.00 for 0.47 oz.) will work best… Read full review.



Effective last holiday season, I stopped purchasing kits/sets of products Iíve already reviewed in an effort to minimize waste and conserve review budget for other things. I still think that mini sets and kits are often great holiday gifts, so hereís a list of some youíll find at SephoraSephora this holiday season.

Makeup Sets

Laura Mercier Mini Shimmer & Glow Caviar Stick SetLaura Mercier Mini Shimmer & Glow Caviar Stick Set ($29.00) includes three mini-sized eyeshadow pencils in Cocoa, Amethyst, and Copper. (Reviews)

Rare Beauty Selenaís Faves 4-Piece Mini SetRare Beauty Selenaís Faves 4-Piece Mini Set ($30.00) includes mini-sized versions of Joy liquid blush, Mesmerize liquid luminizer, Inspire Lip Souffle, and Perfect Strokes mascara.

Tom Ford Mini Lip Color Lipstick SetTom Ford Mini Lip Color Lipstick Set ($80.00) includes five travel-sized Lip Colors in Paperdoll, Casablanca, Black Dahlia, Night Porter, and Scarlet Rouge. (Reviews)

YSL Lip Showroom Vault SetYSL Lip Showroom Vault Set ($250.00, $375 value) includes 10 full-sized lip colors from YSL. When it comes to lip products, YSL very rarely misses!

Skincare Sets

I find that I am drawn to sets from brands that I have, generally, good success with over more than one product. If youíre unfamiliar with my skin type, I have normal-to-dry skin that is somewhat acne-prone (mostly cystic acne on cheeks) but that hasnít been too much of an issue in the last few months. I can sometimes get flaking around my cheeks and nose area, regardless of season. I donít feel my skin is sensitive to most ingredients as I can switch products regularly without my skin reacting negatively.

Laneige Midnight Minis SetLaneige Midnight Minis Set ($18.00) includes five, deluxe-sized mini Lip Sleeping Mask in five different flavors. I like the feel and texture of this balmĖmore for daytime for meĖand I know itís a very popular product within the community, so itís one of those sets that tops my gift-giving list in particular.

Farmacy Garden Party Green Clean TrioFarmacy Garden Party Green Clean Trio ($42.00, $66 value) includes three 1.7 oz. cleansing balms in new, limited edition scents. The original Green Clean has been a go-to for a couple of years nowĖprobably have gone through half a dozen tubs at least!Ėso this is one of the sets Iíll be indulging in personally. Also, a nice touch: for every purchase of tis trio, Farmacy will donate five meals to families in need.

Sephora Collection Holy Sheet!Sephora Collection Holy Sheet! ($48.00, $87 value) includes 20 of Sephoraís bestselling skincare sheet masks (which are supposed to be in recyclable packaging). If youíre someone who routinely uses skincare masks, Iíd say full-sized masks in jars are a better bet, but if youíre someone who rarely finishes masks in a jar, sheet masks may be a better alternative. Iíve been a fan of Sephoraís various sheet masks since they launched.

Dermalogica Our Best Cleanse & Glow Holiday KitDermalogica Our Best Cleanse & Glow Holiday Kit ($95.00, $143 value) includes the Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, and Daily Microfoliant. I have had good luck using Dermalogicaís products, and Iím actually working my way through a bottle of Precleanse at the moment! I tend to prefer gel-based cleansers for light cleansing (e.g. in the morning). Since I use a lot of chemical exfoliants, the gentleness of the Daily Microfoliant fits into my routine well.

First Aid Beauty Your Future Looks FABFirst Aid Beauty Your Future Looks FAB ($49.00, $112 value) is a tempting set for me personally this year, as we go through a fair amount of First Aid Beauty products in my household. Hubby uses the KP Bump Eraser Budy Scrub, and Ultra Repair routinely, while we both have used the cleanser (I rotate through cleansersÖ all the time).

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration SetFresh Rose Deep Hydration Set ($68.00, $101 value) includes five of Freshís rose-based products.† I like the feel of their lip balm, but I find itís very short-wearing so itís not something Iíd go out of my way to purchase, but I love the other four products. Thereís something about the scent of Freshís rose line that really relaxes me (though the actual perfume offering is NOT the same!).† Iíve purchased a few of Freshís Rose sets in the past, so I probably will skip this specific set since I have at least one jar of the face cream in reserve and one Iím using right now.

Dr. Jart+ 10 Mask Must-HavesDr. Jart+ 10 Mask Must-Haves ($67.00, $96 value) is another set that I tend to pick up during the holiday season to keep me stocked for the upcoming year. Iím not the most consistent mask-user, which is why I have found that sheet masks can sometimes be a better fit for my lifestyle as jar masks expire long before I get close to making a dent in them.

Fresh Cleanse & Mask DuoFresh Cleanse & Mask Duo ($19.50, $28 value) is a perfect gift to give (or receive) that is indulgent without totally breaking the bank. It includes the brandís Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask, both products I love using.

First Aid Beauty FAB AID Ultra Repair Cream Home & Away KitFirst Aid Beauty FAB AID Ultra Repair Cream Home & Away Kit ($46.00, $60 value) includes 8 oz. and 2 oz. jars of the brandís top selling Ultra Repair Cream (this is the go-to cream for hubby; I like it too, but I donít commit).

Forvr Mood Mini Candle Gift SetForvr Mood Mini Candle Gift Set ($50.00) includes four 2.5 oz. candles in four of the brandís core scents. I havenít purchased many candles in the last few years, because I donít like lighting them (I forget to put them out), but I did purchase several of the Forever Mood minis over the past year because they have nice throw without having to be litÖ ever.

La Mer Creme de la Mer DuetLa Mer Creme de la Mer Duet ($350.00, $440 value) is a duo that I look for each holiday season, because my mom loves the original moisturizing cream, so itís something I give to her each year. Any time I can save a little on this product, I jump (already purchased this one!).


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