[unpaid/sample] It seems like it’s peak lip care time! Suddenly, there are lots of options, including this lip care trio from Apoth & Co. Their premise is to treat lip care in the same way you would treat skin care and since lips are a concern area for me (very prone to dryness), I’m very interested in this three step treatment.

Apoth & Co Lip Care Trio

As you can see, the set comes with three items – a sugar based lip scrub, a hydrating lip mask and a Moisturising Balm. The brand also has a couple of tools you can further the effects with including a lip buffer which is quite honestly addictive.

Apoth & Co Lip Care Trio

As someone who isn’t a fan of peppermint, the sugar scrub, while completely effective at creating smoothness by letting the tiny granules roll away any flakes, felt a bit too fiery for me. I used the set as a lip masking treatment so began with the scrub, moved on to the hydrating mask and finished with the balm. The hydrating mask is a strange one – it’s got all the right ingredients in the form of aloe, safflower oil, raspberry seed oil, hyaluronic and vitamins but felt a bit lightweight as a gel. I think I’d expected a creamy consistency that felt rich.

Apoth & Co Lipcare Trio Review

The mask is the middle element that you use after the scrub and before the balm. Instead of the scrub, you could use the lip buffer (it’s designed for daily use) before moving on to the mask or balm. This is a strange thing with soft rubber prongs that feel like they really get the blood flowing and it definitely improves smoothness. My hands are far too clumsy for the tiny sculpting tool so I gave it a miss. The bee’s wax based lip balm is also a bit hot and minty for me but if you love a peppermint ping, you will very much like it. To soften the wax, the formula contains peach kernel oil, avocado and cocoa butter so it does a thorough job of keeping moisture in, acting as a barrier to prevent moisture loss as well as hydrating.

Apoth & Co Lipcare Trio Review

As well as the trio set, everything is available individually – £14 each for the balm, the mask and the scrub and £15 for the buffer. As a weekly treatment, I like this a lot although I think it’s quite expensive. Having the three together (£37) means that you use them together rather than just grabbing a balm and hoping for the best and therefore your lips get concentrated attention and that does improve both look and texture.  Personally, I’d prefer a different flavour – peach would be nice – but that’s individual taste (to me it looks like it should be peach flavoured!).  The set is £37 and you can find it all HERE.


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