Bold Lip of the Day: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Luxuriant



chanel luxuriant

I used to think makeup lovers adored the cat eye and bold lip combo because itís a classic, but now Iím starting to think the reason why people love it so much because itís 1) easy and 2) packs a major punch. Thatís the main reason why Iíve been wearing it so much lately, LOL!

chanel luxuriant

Todayís bold lip is with a beautiful matte liquid lippie by Chanel, Rouge Allure in Luxuriant! Itís a bright matte red with a fuchsia undertone. I like how lightweight it feels and how it doesnít suck the moisture out of my pout. Oh yeah, I also think it looks absolutely beautiful!

BTW the liner is my go-to liquid liner, Clinique Pretty Easy Pen in Black. If youíve ever felt like cat eye liner is just too hard, give this pen a try. It has a flexible tip, the ink flows out steadily and is smudge-proof. I always have one in my makeup bag.

clinique pretty easy liquid eyeliner pen 3
This is the finish after it dries. Sorry for my sloppy linesÖ I just drank a ton of coffee and was hella shaky, LOL.

Have a very happy Tuesday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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