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As they say… time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe it’s been 15 years since I started Temptalia? Who would have thought back in 2006 that this would be anything resembling a long-lasting career?! It’s such a surreal moment to be here after 15 years and be able to celebrate the occasion with my dear readers! Thank you for still visiting, reading, and engaging with me here on the blog! ?

I wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion, and I thought it’d be neat to go into the archives and work with a brand to bring back products that were long-lost favorites (from myself and from readers) based on data points like most loved, most wanted, products users still looking up to find dupes for, what is more unique/interesting, and so on and so forth. I reached out to ColourPop to see if they were game, and they were!

We weren’t able to bring back every single most wanted product on my list (look, I gave them the kitchen sink; my philosophy was might as well ask… the worst outcome would be no! like you can bet I tried for Getty!), but I think we hit on some really fun shades! A metallic red lip for the upcoming holiday season… a blue-based purple shadow…

These 10 returning shades will be available for a limited time (30 days) beginning today, October 26th, at 10AM PT. You can also get 20% off using code TEMPTALIA at this time!

Super Shock Shadow, $6.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Truth Satin beige
  • Koosh Metallic, silvery beige
  • Rest More Vivid, shimmering violet (previously only available in an ultra-limited edition mega set!)
  • Donna Shimmery emerald green

Super Shock Cheek, $8.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Voile Pearly copper (this ended up being brought back earlier this year as well, so you’ll have another chance to snag it)
  • Parallel Pearly cotton candy pink with contrasting shimmer
  • Spoon Pearly champagne beige with multi-colored shimmer

Lippie Stix, $7.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Climax Matte deep purple (Matte X)
  • Girl Gang Mid-tone, grungy brown
  • Let’s Play Metallic blue-based red

You’ll also find some currently-available products that are either ones I love or shades that have been popular with readers as well! These include:

  • Palettes: The Child, Going Coconuts, Just My Luck, Lush Life
  • Super Shock Shadows: Frog, Moonwalk, Free Reign, Amaze
  • Lip Products: Songbird, Still Crazy, The Strand, Gimme Smore
  • Cheek Products: Happy Thoughts, Wisp, Splash, Mic Drop, Brut Flute


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