Magnetic Nail Polish is Back!



[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I love the resurgence of this nail trend from Nails Inc who are unashamedly reinventing the wheel Ė maybe so we can appreciate it more second time around. Who knows? Iíve already done my own magnetic mani in the steely blue You Attract Me and the effect is like a midnight tigerís eye. Gorgeous.

Magnetic Nail Polish is Back!

I wonít deny that itís a fiddly old process Ė and I had only partial success. My left hand is great but I wasnít so successful on the right hand. I painted one coat over an undercoat, then started the magnet process as I painted the second coat Ė so one nail at a time. I then applied a top coat. You will need to give the polish a good shade (possibly why my right hand wasnít so good) because these polishes contain tiny magnetic particles and you need plenty of them on your nail to make the effect. Above are Iím In Charge (gold) and You Attract Me.

Magnetic Nail Polish is Back!

The colours are gorgeous Ė proper jewel like shades that show the magnetic effect to its best advantage. The pair I have here is Attract What You Want (bronze/gold) and Laws of Attraction (pinky rose/copper/gold).

Magnetic Nail Polish is Back!

As you can see, the lids have an oblong magnet on the top so you need to hover the lid over your wet nail until some movement happens which obviously is not without jeopardy Ė I dinged mine a couple of times and if that happens, blow on the nail and it softens the dent. Actually, I wondered if a stronger magnet would help so I nabbed one from my fridge Ė turns out not all magnets are equal and without going into positive and negative charging, the fridge magnet sent all the centre paint to the sides. So, donít do that :-).

Magnetic Nail Polish is Back!

So, Iíve caught them as best I can Ė the least successful was Attract What You Want (bronze gold) but the others all look fine with the very best being You Attract Me. If youíre prepared to spend a bit of time on this magnetic mani the effects are very well worth it Ė just remember to shake, shake, shake. The duo of You Attract Me and Iím In Charge is £18 HERE and the singles are £10 each HERE.

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