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Spooky season is just around the corner! On this special episode of Yes Whut, Zoe, Michelle and Angela gather together to share some of their most skin-itching beauty mishaps and horror stories. Tune in to the Halloween special now, and find out who got crowned as the beauty story scream queen!

We’ve also rounded up some spooktacular Halloween-themed lifestyle, fashion, makeup and skin care products below to help you get ready for a night in with your family and friends!

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Lifestyle Items

Here are ideas on how to decorate your home for Halloween:

  • Wow your guests and trick-or-treaters by hanging eye-catching Halloween decorations on the door and living room wall. Fill a pumpkin candy jar with sweet treats and place it by the entrance!
  • Change your bedding to black or pumpkin-colored sheets to add an eerie atmosphere to the space.
  • For activity ideas, get crafty with Halloween-themed candles. Pour melted candle wax into some adorable Halloween silicone molds to make DIY candles with spooky vibes!
  • A subtle way to add a horror-themed aesthetic to food and drinks is by serving spooky midnight snacks in a ceramic pumpkin-shaped bowl and beverages in pumpkin stainless steel tumblers!
  • Last but not least, pop adorable Joy-Con thumb grip caps that scream Halloween onto your Switch before gaming with your squad!


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