[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The beauty industry as a whole is trying to green up its credentials – little by little, we are making more sustainable choices and those choices are ever-increasing. We’re starting to have expectations of brands that only a couple of years ago, we didn’t. I notice straight away when I receive samples whether they’re packaged responsibly (big bug bear of mine is products purporting to be sustainable or eco-minded packaged with acres of plastic based brown or clear tape) and often do a little background check to see if any off-setting or charitable donation is being done.

Sprout Plantable Eyeliners

It’s not so much the ‘plantable’ element of these eye pencils from Sprout that is a draw, it’s the level of detail such as a bioplastic cap that is fully recyclable, the wood is certified sustainably sourced and the entire thing is a vegan formula made from natural ingredients. Where things could get problematic is the inclusion of candelilla wax and mica, but these are (according to their website) ethically sourced although there is no elaboration on that and I’d like to have seen it.

Sprout Plantable Eyeliners

The seeds are contained in the little capsule (sugar cane – again, not unproblematic but can be recycled) at the end of the pencil and there is nothing stopping you planting straight away by snipping the end off rather than wait the interminable amount of time it takes to actually finish a liner. There are two liners – black and brown and one brow pencil (brown). They’re not in the softness realms of kohl but they do just glide along the lid nicely – being green has not held the formula back.

Sprout Plantable Eyeliners

Sprout originally started with seed pod pencils and crayons and have now expanded into makeup. They’re sold across 60 countries – which immediately makes me ask how the transportation is offset? And, they’re on Amazon which again poses off-setting questions for me. What I like about Sprout Plantable liners is not so much the seeds but that the look of them does a bit of green-nudging – there’s no reason all eyeliners can’t look like this rather than being covered in black lacquer paint – it doesn’t affect their performance at all. They’re £9.95 each HERE, non-affiliate link HERE.

Transparency Disclosure

All products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. Affiliate links may be used. Posts are not affiliate driven.

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