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Surely, I’m not alone when it comes to making embarrassing mistakes on camera during Zoom meetings. For instance, during my niece’s birthday party on Zoom, I wore a bright top emblazoned with the words “send nudes” all over it. I spent the majority of that call trying to cover the front of my top while praying that no one will notice my inappropriate attire.

I won’t make that mistake again this festive season. As I’m many miles away from my family members, I plan to catch up with them in an online gathering soon. Aside from picking a more conventional outfit this time round, I also want my Zoom makeup to look effortless with just the right amount of glow.


Glowing skin always come from within, and makeup can only enhance what’s already there. A clean and moisturized canvas is super important, so I never skimp on skin care before putting on makeup. For my base, I put on a tinted moisturizer and use concealer to cover my dark circles. I also fill in my eyebrows, and use setting powder to keep my base makeup in place.


At a glance: Packaged in a pink-tinted, see-through case, this eye shadow compact comes with four versatile shades. #Romantic Cloud is a glittery sand beige, #In London is a glistening white with iridescent glitter specks, #Pink Sangria is a sweet pink with big specks of glitter, and #Be My Rose is a soft coral reminiscent of a warm rose color. According to BLESSED MOON, the compact is named “Unpretty Shadow” because unlike regular eye shadow palettes, this one incorporates colors that look like they’d clash, but actually complement each other well on skin.

My take: For my Zoom makeup look, I used #Romantic Cloud as the base color and blended it with #Be My Rose. I chose #In London for highlight and applied #Pink Sangria on top of the eyelid for added sparkles. Despite the glittery finish, the eye shadow formula is soft on skin. While I was applying the eye shadows, loose glitter scattered across my face, but the glitter on my eyelids stayed put all day long. I used an eye shadow brush for precise application, but maybe applying with my fingertips next time will prevent fallout.


At a glance: This highly pigmented eyeliner is equipped with a flexible 0.2mm brush with an ultra-fine 0.01mm tip, allowing even beginners to craft anything from natural-looking wings to delicate graphic lines with precision. Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula is formulated with nutritious ingredients such as collagen, vitamins, soybean seed extract, barley extract and rice extract to nourish skin around the eyes. The product is available in black, dark brown and brown.

My take: Eye makeup wise, I never go without eyeliner, especially since it adds definition to my eyes, making them look sharp and more awake. My everyday go-to is a dark brown color, and I mix a bit of black on the lower edges of my winged liner to blend in with my lashes. Though the tip of BLESSED MOON’s

I’ve tried numerous waterproof eyeliners throughout the years, but only a few managed to live up to their claims. The Black Hole Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner did not disappoint as it stayed budge-proof on my eyelids all day long.


At a glance: Housed in a cone-shaped container, this innovative mascara in pink-themed packaging features a metallic pink wand and a matte pink base. Its 2.55mm metal applicator provides clump-free and flake-free application, coating every single lash for a natural-looking finish without sacrificing volume and definition. The long-wearing and water-resistant formula is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, blue sea kale HC and Aqualicia to nourish lashes.

My take: As I’m super clumsy and always in a rush, I usually reserve mascara for special occasions when I can do my eye makeup leisurely. For this look, I wanted my eyes to look more awake, so a bit of mascara was required. Since my winged liner was rather prominent, I applied almost two coats of mascara on my upper and lower lashes. I imagine one swipe would be enough for my usual makeup look.

Although the Extra Slim Metal Maxicara is a little heavier and chunkier than most mascaras, it’s a breeze to use on lower lashes and the trickier corners of my eye, which are usually the messiest when applying with a regular mascara. The bristle-less wand allowed a clean application, as there were practically no clumps on my lashes.


At a glance: Fitted in a pink mirror-finished compact, this highlighter duo comes in a shimmer finish and a pearlescent shade, perfect for adding a natural-looking luminance over the contours of the face.

My take: How can I go without highlighters if I’m going for a glowy look? I used a small makeup brush to apply the silvery shade (left) over my cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow as these areas often reflect light. Then with my fingertip, I applied the beige shade (right) above the tail of my eyebrows as well as the tip of my nose to add a subtle glow over those areas. I love the fluffy and soft formula, and there was no visible fallout during or after application.


At a glance: Packed with nourishing oils from cotton seed, mango seed, camellia flower, and avocado to leave a silky smooth finish over lips, this long-wearing lipstick comes in a buildable formula boasting rich color pigments and a lightweight, matte texture. It’s available in two colors: #In is a dusty, brick red housed in velvet-finished translucent case, while #Out is a muted, coral pink in a tinted, clear plastic case.

My take: When it comes to makeup for Zoom, many prefer to wear a lip gloss or balm for a natural look, but I prefer a bright lip to instantly illuminate the whole face. Both colors of I’m Mute Lipstick complement my overall makeup, with #In bringing out a more wintry, evening mood and #Out creating a more natural and fresher look. This combo can be used to create a gradient lip, or mixed together for a dry rose hue.

The formula is soft and matte as promised, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the color stayed on practically all day (yes, even after eating food). By the end of the day, the color payoff faded a little in comparison to when it was freshly applied, but a clear tint still remained on my lips. BLESSED MOON’s lipstick also comes with a gently sweet and uplifting scent, which I gather is from the mango and camellia flower oils in the formula.


At a glance: This setting spray is fitted with fine, pearly shimmers to create glowy, dewy skin while prolonging makeup wear. The spray nozzle evenly dispenses fine yet moisturizing mist particles to leave a dewy skin finish. Shake well before use.

My take: I lightly sprayed this makeup fixer on after completing my makeup. The spray is easy to use and dries quickly on skin. It doesn’t offer a dramatic luminous finish, but rather a natural hydrated glow. As my makeup already had shimmery components, this spray helped elevate those areas, giving my face a more even glow. My makeup didn’t budge or transfer to my face mask throughout the day, so the fixer delivered on its claims!

Makeup tips for Zoom: To get a preview of your makeup look before the video call, use your web cam or camera app like a mirror. Your face always look flatter on camera and colors appear more washed out, so check with the video camera while doing your makeup and make adjustments as necessary. This is the easiest way to ensure you get the right look for your call!

Left: I’m Mute Lipstick #Out; Right: I’m Mute Lipstick #In

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