[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I raved about this last year and I’m the same a full year on – this is a brand I like so much and is something I use almost daily one way or another. They hosted a dinner last week to introduce the Christmas collection so I know my way around all their festive offerings. The AA team are genuinely lovely – no surprise that a lot of them have been there for years which is a clear sign of harmony and they’re absolutely passionate about their oils (as well as a lot of fun). I think it helps to know when it’s as good behind the scenes as it is up front. This is a considered purchase – it’s a value set but still up there in terms of pricing.

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Treasure Vault 2021

It’s three drawers full of wellbeing treats but despite the packaging, don’t necessarily think of this for gifting – if you’re a regular user of Aromatherapy Associates, it’s an efficient way of buying it for yourself because of the value aspect. I never thought I would be so fully into aromatherapy but I do honestly find it so helpful and find myself choosing oils to suit my mood when it comes to bath time. In fact, one of the really useful things it does is make me think about where my mood is at that time so I’m less likely to feel overwhelmed and can issue an early warning to myself to chill out a bit!

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Treasure Vault 2021

The top features a set of blends – I don’t remember Rose being in last year’s selection and feel like it’s been a very long time since I’ve used any myself so I’m pleased to see it there. It’s just the right thing for when you’re feeling quite contented to enhance those good vibes so they’re really fully felt – which is just as important as when you’ve got negative feelings .. sometimes it’s hard to let happiness in or fully absorb it. You’ll find all the usual line up – Inner Strength, Deep Relax, Light Relax and so on to put you in touch with where you’re at. There are also three roller balls too and a wallet to keep them in if you want to take them on your travels.

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Treasure Vault 2021

The second drawer is devoted to sleep – it features the cure-all Deep Relax full size, a Deep Relax Sleep Mist, a body butter in the same and a Deep Relax candle. It’s just a beautiful ritual in a drawer best served with some gentle music or a happy pod-cast to truly wind the day right down.

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Treasure Vault 2021

The last drawer is more about movement and energy so if you’re more of a morning person, this will probably be your favourite. There are bottles of both Revive and De-Stress Shower Oils, alongside De-Stress Muscle Gel for any aches (amazing after exercise, too) and a brush for dry brushing. There’s little more that gets your body tingling and awake than a dry brush but do go very, very gently and add plenty of moisturiser afterwards. You should start at the bottom of your body – i.e. feet and work upwards.

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Treasure Vault 2021

There are many, many essential oils out there but most of these have the benefit of being blended by Geraldine Howard, co-founder of the brand. She died in 2016 after a long illness but her blends are her legacy. Formulas are now blended by Luke Taylor – responsible for Forest Therapy which I like enormously for being reviving and grounding as well as fresh and green. So, the value is £366 and the price is £225 HERE. There are so many offers on the AA site, I don’t know where to begin, but if the Vault is out of budget range, head straight to 50% off Support Breathe Oil (you will thank yourself next time you get a cold!) HERE for £24.50 instead of £49. There’s 25% or more off most things – and Deep Relax is HERE. On page 2 of the oil offers, I discovered the Mini Bathing Set of 3 oils for £10 with a value of £36 – I mean I’d just go HERE now! If for no other reason than to stock up on present drawer fodder.

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