You guys, I’ve been reading and rereading these descriptions for these rose scented perfumes you recommended the other day, and I’m at the point now where I can practically smell each one.

I’ve yet to try an Acqua di Parma perfume, and their Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum sounds gorgeous.

Years ago when I visited Milan for fashion week, I remember using Acqua di Parma products in the hotel where I stayed and loving the depth, and even just the bar of soap, so my spider senses are tingling. I would LOVE this.

I like the simplicity of the curved bottle, and I especially love the pink scripty type used for the words, “Rose Nobile.” I know! Font nerd moment. But wait, listen to the description…

Rose Nobile Eau de Parfum is a tribute to the rose, the queen of flowers. Its soft, vibrant scent opens with notes of Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot and pepper. The heart is intense and velvety with gorgeous florals that move into final crescendo of dry, warm scents, celebrating the beauty of innate feminine charm.


  • Top: Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, pepper.
  • Middle: peony, violet, lily of the valley, centifolia rose.
  • Base: cedarwood, ambergris, musk.


UGH. Am I really going to order this blindly from the Sephora sale? I’m very tempted… I’ve always been a fan of Italian scents, and this one sounds like the perfect mix of bright notes and roses with a warm, cozy base. 🤗

Also up for consideration is this beautiful bottle of Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses…

Miss Dior Rose N’Roses, the eau de toilette whose trail incarnates the floral abundance of fields of roses in Grasse.

The freshness of an armful of fresh, colorful petals, the vivifying energy of citrusy dew: Miss Dior Rose N’Roses is a sparkling floral fragrance, a profusion of Grasse Roses refreshed by a Bergamot zest and heightened by the intensity of a White Musk note.

The vibrant Geranium essence refines Miss Dior Rose N’Roses Eau de Toilette with its lemony aromas to faithfully recreate the irresistible scent of an endless field of flowers: a bright pink hue becomes a fragrance that takes hold of you and never lets go.


Doesn’t this sound so sparkling and fresh? I feel like it might be better suited as a spring scent, though.

Last, but not least, Mon Paris Eau de Parfum by YSL.

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum is a sweet floral women’s fragrance. Sweet notes of red berries are softened by datura flower and anchored by the woody scent of white musk blended beautifully together with patchouli to create a women’s perfume that is romantic in every way.


This one sounds really feminine but potentially too sweet. I’m intrigued by the fact that it’s by YSL, though, because my very first bottle of perfume was Paris by YSL, so ya know… nostalgia!

I feel like rose perfumes are something people either love or…don’t love. What’s your stance? I’m a fan, although I prefer rose scents with some depth and complexity; otherwise I get overwhelmed by dominant rose notes.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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