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Sister brand to SKIN&LAB and CHICA Y CHICO, I’m from values the healing power of nature. The Korean skin care brand hopes to introduce customers to the unique benefits of natural ingredients and traditional local remedies. All of its skin care products utilize high-quality ingredients from local farms across Korea. To ensure formulas are safe, I’m from maximizes raw skin care ingredients and minimizes chemical processing when developing products.

Its philosophy of transparency distinguishes itself from other Korean beauty brands. I’m from’s packaging details where a product’s main ingredients were sourced, farmed and harvested. For Korean skin care products that offer gentle and gradual improvements, look no further than I’m from’s ingredient-focused collections spanning various product types.

Honey Line

In the colder months, the revitalizing Honey line is an absolute lifesaver, maximizing hydration and improving elasticity for dry, flaky and dull skin. Products feature natural honey sourced from Mount Jiri to provide deep nourishment and moisture while strengthening the skin barrier. To learn more about the Honey Mask, Honey Glow Serum and Honey Glow Cream, click here for a review of the nourishing winter regimen!

The Honey Mask 120g, which is also available in a mini 30g tube, contains 38.7% real honey, as well as propolis, bentonite, bee venom, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, hazelnut oil and sunflower seed oil. The wash-off mask promises up to six hours of nourishment and moisture for soothed and supple skin.

The Honey Glow Serum 30ml is enriched with 30.63% Honey Glow Queen Complex, which includes seven active ingredients for antioxidant care (honey, black bee propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, turmeric, bee pollen and cinnamon). The non-sticky formula adheres perfectly to skin and hydrates from the inside out. It also improves fine lines and brightens complexion for a smooth and radiant finish.

The Honey Glow Cream comes in a 50g jar. Like the Honey Glow Serum, this soothing cream is enhanced with 30.63% Honey Glow Queen Complex to improve fine lines and brighten skin. Its smooth, silky texture is easily absorbed and helps to balance skin’s oil-water ratio.

In the wintertime, many struggle with chapped lips. The Honey Lip Balm, which launches this November, will help make them moisturized and soft again. With the inclusion of a moisturizing and nourishing lip care item, your set of winter essentials is complete.

Rice Line

Rice from Yeoju offers many skin care benefits. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers and antioxidants, this efficacious ingredient moisturizes, softens, firms and brightens skin while supporting cell regeneration. The Rice line consists of the Rice Mask, Rice Serum, Rice Toner and Rice Cream. To see how this gentle collection nourished our editor’s rough winter skin, read more here!

Fig Line

Featuring fig extract from Yeongam, the vegan-friendly Fig line consists of items for anti-aging and antioxidant care among other benefits. The Fig Scrub Mask gently exfoliates dead skin cells, the Fig Cleansing Balm serves as a makeup remover and eliminates blackheads, and the Fig Boosting Essence retains hydration and primes skin for better absorption of the next skin care product. This trio added a festive touch to our editor’s skin care routine when she trialed the range last December!

Pear Line

Extracted using the Nano Phyto Cell Grinder™ method, wild pear sourced from Mount Baegun delivers cooling, calming and hydrating effects for balanced skin. All vegan-friendly formulas from the Pear line are made of non-GMO and EWG green-grade ingredients. They are further enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid. Read a full review to see how the refreshing Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum fared on our editor’s sensitive skin!

Ginseng Line

Formulated with six-year-old red ginseng extract, panax ginseng seed oil and panax ginseng root extract sourced from Geumsan County, the Ginseng line is designed for mature skin. This ingredient enhances blood circulation, promotes elasticity and replenishes nourishment for smooth, firm and rejuvenated skin. The Ginseng Mask, Ginseng Serum and Ginseng Eye Cream improve wrinkles and fine lines for a younger-looking appearance.

Mugwort Line

Suitable for use in the summer, the refreshing Mugwort line delivers gentle yet instantaneous calming and cooling effects. Collected from Ganghwa County in May, mugwort heals acne and inflammation with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The collection’s highly concentrated formulas contain well-preserved active ingredients to deliver benefits directly to skin. Products include the Mugwort Mask, Mugwort Essence, Mugwort Sheet Mask, Mugwort Spot Gel and Mugwort Cream.

Vitamin Line

The Vitamin line is potent in hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) extract from Mount Taebaek to provide brightening and moisturizing care for supple skin. The Vitamin Tree Water Gel, which is suitable for oily and dehydrated skin types, contains 68% of this key ingredient. The Vitamin Fruit Serum, which is suitable for sensitive skin, contains 74% of this ingredient.

Bestseller Miniature Set

I’m from’s vegan-friendly Bestseller Miniature Set includes 30ml versions of the Honey Mask, Rice Toner and Mugwort Essence. This value set allows you to try three of the brand’s bestsellers, which cater to a variety of skin needs.

The Honey Mask MINI tightens pores, offers nourishment and moisture, and leaves skin soft and smooth. Its non-sticky formula soothes sensitive and stressed skin.

The Rice Toner MINI, made with 77.8% rice extract, is rich in amino acids and fibers. The formula soothes tired and stressed skin, offers sun protection, balances skin’s oil-water ratio and promotes elasticity. It transforms dry and dull skin into moisturized and radiant skin.

Certified by the Vegan Society, the Mugwort Essence MINI is made with a single ingredient – mugwort extract. Suitable for use as both a toner and essence, it detoxifies, moisturizes and soothes troubled and acne-prone skin while creating a glowing complexion.

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