When we think about the icons of industry, the paragons of industrialization, one name frequently gets thrown around: Henry Ford. He revolutionized the world of mass production with his conveyor belt assembly line.

Well, that’s all well and good, but in the feline world, there’s only one captain of industry, and it was Tabs. He took feline fashion manufacturing into the twenty-first century, increasing production through his many technological developments from small sewing shops producing a few outfits per day to large-scale automated factories producing thousands of pieces of cat apparel per hour, all of them of impeccable quality.

Some cats and people say it all started with the world-famous fall feline scarf you see here…

It was with this scarf that Tabs ramped up his production facilities from a few units day up into the thousands, and by November of 2015 cats in every town across America and around the world were rocking it.


Since Rosie has taken over as Chief Feline Officer of Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC, she’s carrying on that legacy. Cats everywhere can head down to their local Petco or Nordstrom to get one of their own — all around the world.

Like Tim Cook after Steve Jobs, Rosie is focused on increasing efficiency and scaling up, and since she’s taken over, the company has tripled earnings!

As you can tell, greatness continues on her watch. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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