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[unpaid/sample] I always love seeing anything from this premium brand – it just feels like it has integrity and depth to it and there hasn’t been anything so far I haven’t liked.

Irene Forte Skin Care

Starting with the Triple Level Hyaluronic Serum… I’ve found with a lot of hyaluronic serums that despite your best intentions, you can’t really feel an effect. They dry away so quickly on the skin that the promised moisture has to be more a leap of faith than evidence in front of your eyes. There doesn’t seem enough ‘slip’ for them to feel believable but in this case, there is the right amount of slip. I think maybe it’s the word ‘serum’ that doesn’t help because it makes us think of something very slippy that leaves a dew on the face and few hyaluronic serums do that. So while this version doesn’t leave skin dew or sheen, it does have a flexible quality that allows you to massage it in thoroughly.

Irene Forte Skin Care

It’s triple weight (Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid) to ensure penetration at different levels (although remember that skin care can only ever go so far). I should flag up that hyaluronic has some controversy around it, particularly lower weights, and there’s something of a daggers drawn situation between scientists and beauty brands. Nonetheless, I seek it in my skin care and find it works well for me – I’ve never experienced anything untoward – and found that this one had all the elements I like in an HA serum and yes, it certainly did keep hydration levels balanced over what has been a hectic week.

Irene Forte Skin Care

Next up, the Hibiscus Night Cream. Probably because I see so many products, when I come across a cream as light and glossy as this, my heart leaps a little bit. I’d like to jump into a bath of it. To take patisserie comparison, the texture is a mirror glaze – cooling, shiny and soothing – that absorbs quickly and tidily. I’ve worn this as both day and night cream. Its USP is a pea peptide extract and hibiscus seed oil – there are some claims alongside it that I don’t feel entirely happy with comparisons to injectables (bottom line is that nothing replicates injectables) but on surface testing, it’s just so smoothing and softening and really a very pleasing cream to use. I’d like to see the copywriter reined in a bit but other than that, both products are delightful. They’re also priced for luxury – £110 for the serum and £88 for the smallest sized night cream. It’s well worth a further read of the ‘about us section’ HERE – I just get the impression there is a lot of passion behind Irene Forte Skin Care and they’re serious about being good at what they do.

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