Malin + Goetz Gifting 2021



[unpaid/sample] I was going to call this post Ďwhat to buy for boysí because if you have any males in your family showing the slightest inclination towards grooming, start shopping here. I know itís tricky territory to gender beauty products and I also know that Malin + Goetz is firmly ungendered but itís that very thing that makes it so right for that very hard to buy for category. A couple of my nephews have suddenly taken an interest in skin care Ė gone are the days when I could buy them a Nintendo game and be done so Iíve settled on the Saving Face set which puts them on a good path for grooming.

Malin + Goetz Gifting 2021

I like the fact that there arenít any scare tactics on the bottles (Ďclear out your ugly blackheadsí kind of thing) but they simply state what the product is and what to do with it. Itís the kind of tidy labeling Iíd like to see more often. And, you know, theyíre good products Ė thoughtfully formulated to be nourishing for all skin and at the same time mindful to keep things simple. This is at the top end of the gift sets (£78) but you could just as well go for the Travel Size Face Essentials set at £15.

Malin + Goetz Gifting 2021

Iíve got the Cannabis candle burning as I write Ė itís so far away from that weedy smell that I get a waft of in the street from time to time Ė itís rich and citrussy with a backdrop of patchouli. The Three Vices votive set is another easy win for a tricky category. To my taste, they all run favourably for those who prefer a more traditionally masculine scent Ė leather is biker jackets and leather boots†or†handbags and suede coats or all of those things. Itís whatever strikes a chord with you.

Malin + Goetz Gifting 2021

Max would adore these Ė they all give me that same olfactory ping as when I first walk into certain shops with wooden floors, leather bound books and an enveloping chair to sink into. Beautiful. Itís £42 for the set or £17 individually Ė and they last. Iím a big fan of the Otto votive thatís one of the freshest rose candles you can find. Or canít find as the case is currently as itís out of stock in the smaller sizes. I could also recommend the Peppermint Shampoo (£19) or the Rum Hand & Body Wash (£20) and know that nobody would be disappointed. My other nephew has requested a cologne Ė his mum has requested it to be light because he has no portion control in that regard so thatís my next job! If youíre new to the Malin + Goetz website, you will get 10% off your first order HERE, otherwise, if youíre near a store, itís well worth dropping in. I went to their Shoreditch store earlier in the week and itís a clean, clear and unhurried space with a knowledgeable and helpful team.

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