[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] This isn’t a Black Friday post, I promise.. just the way things have fallen but just to let you know that it’s full steam head with BF on The Body Shop Website. Also I’d like you to know that The Body Shop have offered to collect back any of the press samples they’ve (or any other brand) sent out for photography or consideration and donate them onwards to Beauty Banks. This is just one of the reasons I like working with them – there’s a lot behind the scenes that consumers won’t see so I’m sharing that one with you because it’s such a rare, rare thing. They’re fundraising for The Honeypot Charity (HERE) so every purchase helps towards that and the Community Fair Trade packaging is more sustainable than ever, designed to be reused, repurposed or recycled. With that all said, it’s also a very optimistic, bright and joyful collection and I’ve picked a few of my top recommends.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

I’ve so enjoyed using this cleansing oil that will equal it’s most expensive competitors in removing make up and leave skin feeling super soft, but I also love a cleansing balm which is also an option in this Calm & Chamomile Cleansing set. There’s also a muslin cloth to take it off with. Given that it’s perfectly okay for sensitive skin, it’s really a suit-all gift and not particularly expensive at £18 for the quality of product. It’s HERE. There’s a small added value because the products bought separately would be £21.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

Next up, the Berries & Bubbles set. There’s more strawberry on The Body Shop website than I remember there being previously – clearly a strawberry revival. But, I think this will hit on two levels – first, original customers who find it pings at their memories as strawberry was an original 80’s offerings, and the other level is younger customers who love a sweet and fruity fragrance. When you open the strawberry body yoghurt it’s like smelling the freshest strawberry ice-cream – it’s a blast from the past and present for me. There’s a Berry Bath Blend (think berry smoothie) and a sponge included in the set. It’s £22 for the set (which comes all boxed up in festive patterns) HERE.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

One of the easy wins is this Banana & Bliss duo for dry hair – I never knew I needed a yellow microfibre hair wrap until this turned up! It’s got two long straps so it looks like a bright yellow bonnet – I haven’t quite worked out how you tie it into something that doesn’t look like a massive yellow hood – but I’ll get there, I’m sure. Banana shampoo and conditioner both contain banana puree and vegan silk proteins while not exactly capturing a freshly cut banana, pretty close in scent. It’s £22 HERE. I’m a Ginger shampoo fan all the way but if frizz is taking over, Banana is the one.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

If you’re dreaming of warm seas and sunny beaches, the Sweetness & Sunshine give your olfactory senses that reminder of holiday at least. I love this juicy set (which is best for dry skin) because it’s bright and happy with soap, a fragrance mist, a body butter, hand cream and shower gel.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

It’s the tropical cheer up on a frosty morning. Actually, I find with The Body Shop fruity scents that they don’t hang around all day – you get the biggest experience while you’re using it like a surround-scent but don’t necessarily take it with you all day and I like that about it. I might be up to my knees (well, further, obviously) in strawberries, bananas and mangos at 7am but by 9am I’m sensible again! It’s £35 HERE with the brightest box you ever saw.

The Body Shop Holiday 2021

Pear is a tricky fragrance to get right – it feel like The Body Shop version in this Kindness & Pears Essential set hasn’t tried to be exactly pear but more of an impression so that it’s sweetish and fruity without being sickly. I like single note fruit scents a lot and I like sweet scents, so this arrangement is very pleasant and unlike most ‘sweet’ scents, doesn’t have a vanilla backwash. In this set, there is a hand cream, a body yoghurt, a shower gel and a body butter.

The Body Shop

And quite honestly, no need to wrap because this look at that bag it comes in! Interesting to note that the French label calls this set Coffret Essentials Poire Delicieuse – what happened to the kindness?! Anyway, it’s £22 HERE with a £29 value. There are literally loads of gifting options at all prices on the website so I think I need to use the well-worn phrase ‘there is something for everyone’ because there really is.

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