chanel purple ray swatch day 1
Chanel Purple Ray!

1. Purple nails

opi leonardos model color swatch
OPI Leonardo’s Model

Not very holiday-esque, I know, but I’ve been really into purple nails lately. 🤷

2. Love Life on HBO

I stumbled onto this romantic comedy purely on accident, and guess what? It’s really good. 😁 It’s funny, earnest, sweet, heartbreaking — all the good stuff! I had to force myself to slow down while watching the first season, which stars Anna Kendrick, because otherwise I would never have gone to bed! It’s that good.

3. Not asking for people to give me Christmas wish lists.

I used to ask people to give me lists of what they wanted for Christmas because I always like to give gifts they actually want…but this year I’ve decided to skip that.

Ya know, I always end up hounding them for their list, which just stresses me out and puts me behind on my holiday shopping, so I’ve let it go this year. And you know what?

I’m totally cool with that. 😁

4. Edamame and rice bowl

I had this for lunch today and remembered why it’s such a great, easy meal.

It’s quick to make, filling and tastes delish. Just heat some rice and frozen edamame, and you’re done!

Wasn’t that easy?

When I need more protein, I add a sunny-side-up egg on top.

edamame rice no furikake
Simple but delicious

5. Mattloveshair on Instagram

His feed is fun and he has great tips!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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