[unpaid/sample/affiliate] I’m really happy to see more brands bringing out quality coloured lip balms and serums. It’s my finish of choice and the Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm do not disappoint. I prefer a balm finish because light on the lips is always lovely and it’s doing two jobs in one – colouring and nourishing. I’ve found a couple I absolutely love and now Ruby’s balm in Red is joining them.

Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm

There are three shades – Red, Nude and FX which is the white one that leaves a pearly finish on the lips that you can use over the top of either of the others (or anything you might already have) or on its own. I would love, love a red-orange shade – Red is quite close to Gucci Rene Pink Balm but I think it’s a matter of a tweak to get it spot on. I mean, maybe I should just make my own now I think about it. I like Red so much because it’s just a flash of colour on an otherwise unmade-up face today and it made me smile when I put it on.

Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm

The mechanic is wind up and you don’t need to keep very much at the top as it’s a very flexible formula that needs little in the way of pressing to the lips to deliver the product. The formula contains cannabis sativa seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil (one of my favourite ingredients) and cocoa butter so it’s melty and juicy leaving a softening dew across the lips. Really, I can’t fault the Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm at all – it’s nourishing, easy to wear and perfectly understated for anyone who doesn’t want or like a saturated lip look.

Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm

In the swatch, it’s Nude, FX and Red. In this shot, Nude looks more pearled than it does on my lips. The balms are £18 each HERE. That feels completely reasonable against my other loves – Charlotte Tilbury Happikiss in Crystal Happikiss which is a baby pink sheer and is £25 HERE, and the aforementioned Gucci which is £35 HERE. Actually, the latter was one of my sales goals but I never found it for anything less. In texture, Ruby’s serum is a match for either although of the three CT’s is the most melty.

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