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In this season’s last episode of Yes Whut, host Zoe invited beauty enthusiast Mandy to the podcast again for a round of This Or That on skin care tools. As aspiring facial-loving beauty gurus, they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve healthy skin, and that includes exploring different skin care products and tools.

Below, we’ve gathered some innovative and raved-about skin care products from nifty tools to facial devices. Find out what you need to know about different types of skin care tools, and which are the best options for applying skin care.

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Facial Cleansing: Silicone cleansing brush VS Regular facial cleansing brush

Cleansing is the most crucial and fundamental step in a skin care routine to achieve and maintain clear, flawless skin! Upgrade your cleansing routine with a facial cleansing brush or silicone cleansing brush, which massages your skin while cleansing away all that dirt and grime inside out. Cleansing brushes deep cleanse skin much more thoroughly compared to just using bare hands. Mandy prefers regular cleansing brushes because the bristles feel softer on skin, though silicone cleansing brushes are more hygienic and last longer.

*Time stamp: 1:37-4:43


double dare – I.M. Buddy Mini , YourFave – Silicone Facial Cleaning Brush , Lazy Corner – Dual Head Silicone Facial Mask Brush , Beauty Artisan – Face Cleansing Brush , ZOREYA – Facial Cleansing Brush 

De-Puffing, Sculpting and Facial Toning: Facial jade roller VS Gua sha 

Some of the most in-demand skin care tools in the market are the gua sha and the face roller, tools that are rooted in ancient traditions and known to de-puff the face and eyes and stimulate blood circulation. Zoe describes the experience of using a gua sha tool to be like cardio exercise for skin, whereas a jade roller feels like a relaxing spa treatment. Although the gua sha tool delivers better and visible results, the scraping motion is more intense than a jade roller. That’s why it’s recommended for those with acne-prone skin to use a jade roller, as it produces less friction than a gua sha. The bumpy and asymmetrical design of the gua sha can also be used like a facial contouring/sculpting device. 

The facial jade roller is a good lymphatic draining massage tool. It can be used over a sheet mask, helping the ingredients to penetrate deeply into skin. 

*Time stamp: 4:43-8:19

FACE FACTORY – Rose Quartz Face Roller , THE PURE LOTUS – Rose Quartz Guasha 

Applying Toners: Cotton pad VS Fingers

With innovation and convenience in mind, more skin care brands are developing toner pads instead of the usual bottled toners. There are benefits to applying toners with both cotton pads and fingers. Zoe suggests using a cotton pad or toner pad first to cleanse and wipe away all the dirt on your face, and then dab skin with your fingers to let the ingredients absorb better. She also mentions that using the fingers delivers better hydration, making this option better suited for those with drier skin.

*Time stamp: 8:19-11:18

Goodal – Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad , COSRX – One Step Original Clear Pad , Dear Klair’s – Toner Mate 2 In 1 Cotton Pad , Dear Klair’s – Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Applying Eye Cream: Eye roller or roll-up eye cream VS Ring finger 

The eye area is one of the most delicate skin areas, so it’s important to avoid excessively tugging this region during eye cream application. Using the ring finger is still the most effective way to do that, as this finger exerts the least amount of pressure and pull. Zoe and Mandy agree that an eye roller isn’t necessary when applying eye cream. Zoe notes that sometimes cream gets stuck in the eye roller, and it doesn’t aid in absorption of the formula. Mandy still uses an eye roller from time to time to de-puff her under-eyes.

*Time stamp: 11:19-13:42

Ottie Platinum – Aura Roll-Up Eye Cream , innisfree – Green Tea Seed Eye & Face Ball , Beauty Artisan – Zinc Alloy Eye Massager , Elancee – Metal Eye Massager , heimish – Marine Care Eye Cream

Applying Clay Masks: Fingers VS Spatula

When applying clay masks, do you dive right in and scoop the product from the container with  your bare hands? You’re not alone. Despite the gooey texture and feeling, let’s admit that using our fingers is a fast and convenient way to apply clay masks. Zoe also points out that she has more control on how thick the layer of product she applies on her face is when using her hands. On the other hand, using a spatula makes applying skin care products more fun, neat and tidy.

*Time stamp: 15:24-19:54

Home Simply – Set of 5: DIY Facial Mask Mixing Kit , heimish – All Clean Pink Clay Purifying Wash Off Mask , I DEW CARE – Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-Off Mask


Cooling Massage Rollers (Calming inflammation): Flat rollers VS Ball rollers

Another skin care tool to reduce puffiness and calm inflammation is a cooling massage roller, which helps relieve tense muscles and offers a cooling effect on skin. Zoe has only tried a massage ball roller and Mandy uses a flat roller, but they both appreciate the cooling sensation that the rollers provide. Mandy maximizes the use of the massage roller by using it on other body areas such as her legs and arms to relieve tension.

*Time stamp: 19:54-23:29

MEDI-PEEL – 28 Days Perfect Cooling Skin , TOSOWOONG – Magic Massage Ball 

Microneedling (Pore-Texturing): Derma roller VS Needle patches

Next on the list are microneedling tools. Sound terrifying to you? That’s exactly why Mandy and Zoe still haven’t given derma rollers a try. The science behind a derma roller is that the “needles” poke tiny holes in skin to promote wound healing and stimulate cellular turnover, boosting collagen production. Derma rollers have the ability to help fade acne scars and reduce hyperpigmentation. Mandy and Zoe are reluctant to use a derma roller on their own without a professional, but they’re open to trying needle patches. The ones from ACROPASS are like pimple patches with water-soluble microneedles that dissolve on skin, so these products are less daunting to use. In fact, you can wear microneedle patches under a mask or use them as a home remedy.

*Time stamp: 23:29-27:41

Face Factory – MTS Derma-Roller ,  ACROPASS – Trouble Cure Set  , Timeless Skin Care – 192 Micro Needle Dermaroller

High-tech skin care devices (Brightening and Anti-aging): Ionic devices VS LED light therapy

Are you the type to go all out on skin care? Is it worth it to splurge on a high-tech skin care tool like ECLAIR’s LED Therapy Mask? This LED therapy mask comes with three different light settings to provide treatments targeting different skin concerns. The red light therapy smooths fine lines; the blue light therapy soothes sensitive skin and shrinks pores; and the orange light therapy revitalizes and brightens dull skin. Zoe was amazed by the LED treatment device’s effects on her skin. After she used it consistently for a month, her skin became more resilient. Zoe is convinced that ÉCLAIR’s LED Therapy Mask is better than other high-tech LED-based skin care options in the market because it’s much more user-friendly. Both Zoe and Mandy prefer LED treatment devices over galvanic ion devices as the former are safer to use and have less possible side effects.

*Time stamp: 27:41-35:44

 vanav – Time Machine ,  ECLAIR – LED Therapy Mask  , vanav – ray

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