Brand Description

Aim for perfection with Idôle Liner, the eyeliner with laser precision. Its ultra fine and flexible felt tip draws extra fine lines as well as thicker and more intense lines. Its innovative and ergonomic pack makes it possible to control and accompany the gesture for an ultra easy and precise application at the lash line.

Idôle Liner offers an ultra-luminous shiny black result, with a hold of up to 24 hours. Its waterproof formula resists transfer and does not run, while being ultra light and comfortable on the eyelids.

  • Extra Fine & Flexible Felt Tip.
  • Precision laser lines up to 0.1mm thick.
  • Intense gloss black finish.
  • Ultra Easy to apply in a single gesture.
  • Waterproof formula.
  • Resists transfer
  • 24 hour hold

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